GOES Weighting Functions Info Page


Question: What's a weighting function?

Question: What value for surface emissivity was used in the calculations?

Question: How does view angle affect weighting function calculations?

Question: What can I tell about the earth's atmosphere from weighting functions?

Question: Where is my favorite station? I never see it on your map!

Question: How can the window channel measure 295K when it's cloudy?

Question: Where did those brightness temperatures come from?

Question: What are the "Temp Profile" and "Q Profile"?

Question: What forward model are you using?

Question: Does the forward model take into account solar reflection?

Question: It's 13:00 UTC... where are today's 12:00 UTC weighting functions?

Question: Why do you have a separate page for Internet Explorer Users?

Question: Can you put the U.S. Standard Atmosphere Weighting Functions out here for us to see?

Question: What bands are you using? Are you using both the Imager and Sounder?

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