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GOES Sounder LI DPI (with "guess" and raob overlays)

Current GOES Sounder products have been provided in support of past field campaigns, such as IHOP (over the south central US during the spring of 2002 ) and CRYSTAL (over southern Florida during the summer of 2002 ). When no such field experiments are underway and in need of higher resolution displays of GOES Sounder data (rather than that routinely available for the whole US ), focus returns to the local greater Wisconsin region. Here presentations of the Derived Product Images (DPI) of profile parameters in clear air, such as, total precipitable water (PW in [mm]) and lifted index stability (LI in [C]), show hourly imagery over the last six hours, at horizontal scales much better than counties. In addition, cloud top pressure (CTP in [hPa]) DPI are also provided.

All these PW, LI, or CTP DPI can be animated (for trends) or toggled (for intercomparisons). Comparisons with other estimates include time interpolated (between 6 and 12 hour) GFS model forecasts as well as the 00 and 12 UT radiosonde PW and LI values.

The gif files (and associated animations) of GOES Sounder DPI from previous days remain accessible through the web, stored by their date (yyddd) and labelled with a parameter/date/time name. [For example: a "yyddd" of 05306 is, for year (20)05, the 306th day of that year, which is 02 November 2005.]

Through early 2002, these GOES Sounder DPI, at CIMSS, had traditionally been generated with 3x3 FOV (field-of-view) spatial resolution . Then, starting in March 2002, single FOV (SFOV) resolution retrieval processing was also done, which is approximately at 10 km east-west and 10 km north-south spacing in this region, focusing on Wisconsin and surrounding Midwestern states. Finally, starting in November 2005, the SFOV DPI were produced using the latest NESDIS/ORA software, commonly referred to as the "merged package" (doing both profile and cloud retrievals together). This software is also run by NESDIS Operations to provide the GOES SFOV DPI to the NWS within AWIPS.