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Multi-panel Display of All 19 Channels from the GOES West Sounder

Each of the 19 different spectral channels from the GOES Sounder is presented in a multi-panel format. Channel 1 is shown in panel 1, starting in the upper left, with subsequently numbered channels following across rows and then down columns. For GOES-East, the domain covers the central and eastern US; for GOES-West, the western US. A map has been added to panel 1 to show the geographic coverage for each. A single color enhancement is applied to all the 18 infrared channels, while the visible (channel 19) is shown in shades of gray. Diurnal (24 hour) animation loops further provide the viewer with the temporal nature of the everchanging atmosphere, enhancing the spatial and spectral characteristics presented in the imagery from any individual time period.

Various specifics on the 19 channels of the GOES Sounder are readily available: channel locations compared to earth emitted spectra; detailed spectral responses with respect to spectra from a standard atmosphere; and typical useage (by channel) for derivation of Sounder products. Other more lengthy descriptions also exist for the Sounder and its automated products.