01 December 2006 - MODIS Image Fader
Snow and Ice On The Ground Across the Central US

* Left-click to zoom in (then Click-and-drag mouse to roam) / Right-click to zoom out *

Click and drag the slider button under Set Fade Level to fade between the MODIS true color and false color images on 01 December 2006 (to quickly toggle between the 2 images, click the middle of the slider bar area, below the word Fade). The snow cover and clouds appear as white on the true color image; snow/ice cover and ice crystal clouds appear as shades of red on the false color image, while water droplet clouds appear as white. Also note the patch of ice-covered surface over northern MO and southcentral IA (just north of the swath of fresh snow cover) - this area received significant freezing rain 2 days earlier (on 29 November). The ice coating is not as obvious on the true color image since the ice does not significantly alter the albedo or the general appearance of the ground, but the ice is a strong absorber of solar radiation in the 2.1 micrometer (Band 02) channel, which leads to a pronounced red signal on the Band 02/07/07 false color RGB composite image.

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC