CSPP Geo AIT Framework Version 2.0 Beta 4 Release

13 Jan 2022

The initial beta release of the Version 2.0 CSPP Geo Algorithm Integration Team (AIT) Framework package processes Level 1B (L1B) Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) data from the GOES-16 and GOES-17 satellites, and generates Level 2 (L2) derived geophysical products.

The Version 2.0 beta 4 release includes the following changes since the Version 1.0.36 release:

  • This is a new major release that transitions to a new and extensively rewritten version of the underlying software (AIT Framework v2).
  • Product algorithms have been updated from the “baseline” to the "enterprise" versions, containing the first major science upgrades since the initial versions that were developed for GOES-16. Some enterprise products are not yet being generated in the GOES-R ground system, and should be considered preliminary and unvalidated. For information on specific improvements in each product, refer to the NOAA enterprise ATBD for that product.
  • The interface has changed somewhat, though it is intended to largely be backward compatible to the 1.x releases for the default usage.
  • A subset of products is available for GOES-17 ABI.
  • Additional products are generated: Low Cloud and Fog (GOES-16 only) and Derived Motion Winds (GOES-16 and -17).
  • Parallelism defaults (i.e. segment sizes) have been adjusted to reduce product latency on spec systems.
  • A substantial re-working of the ancillary download and mirror functions has been done. This should retain default behavior expectations while allowing additional options including http/https and backup server URLs.
  • A new script called aitf-update-cache has been added to be used in periodic syncing of dynamic ancillary data, replacing the script aitf-mirror, which has been deprecated.
  • Use of data from previous timesteps has been enabled as input to the new Derived Motion Winds and Low Cloud and Fog products. The data is maintained in a temporal cache in a user-specified location.
  • Various issues affecting the Version 1 software and products have been addressed.

Minimum system requirements for the CSPP AIT Framework software are as follows. Note that this specification does not account for quicklook image generation.

  • Intel Xeon E5 v2 “Ivy Bridge”, 20-core (2 x 10-core), 2.8GHz CPU with 64-bit instruction support,
  • 192 GB RAM
  • CentOS 7 or CentOS 8 64-bit Linux (or other compatible 64-bit Linux distribution),
  • 14 TB disk space (does not include long-term storage)

An internet connection is required to download dynamic ancillary data. The expected volume of dynamic ancillary data is about 2.4 GB per day.


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