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This page contains NetCDF format datafiles of SRFs for a number of broadband satellite infrared sensors. Generally, apart from some Meteosat channels, SRFs in these files do not go beyond 3200cm-1 (<3.125µm). Also, where applicable, the SRFs are band averaged. In the case of the MODIS instruments, both the band averaged and individual detector SRFs are provided.

The point of this page is to collect in one place, and in one format, the SRFs of many of the instruments in use today. For most instruments, the data were reformatted into a common ASCII format by Hal Woolf of CIMSS/SSEC/UW-Madison at a frequency spacing of 0.1cm-1. I simply added some additional information to the ASCII files and then converted them to netCDF format.

The original SRF data have been linearly (re)interpolated where required:
     Broadband SRFs: 0.1cm-1 frequency spacing (e.g. 800.0, 800.1, 800.2, etc.)
     AIRS SRFs: 0.0025cm-1 frequency spacing (e.g. 800.0, 800.0025, 800.005, etc.) from the UMBC HDF data.

The SSU SRFs are completely synthetic with an 8th power Gaussian used (for lack of any other information). The SSU SRFs for TIROS-N and NOAA-6 are based on the same central frequencies, and those for NOAA-7,8,9,11, and 14 are based on a slightly different set of central frequencies.

If you need to download multiple files rather than one or two from the tables below, it behooves you to go directly to the anonymous ftp server.

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Datafile Index

Satellite AVHRR
TIROS-N1 avhrr2_n05 hirs2_n05 ssu_n05
NOAA-6 avhrr2_n06 hirs2_n06 ssu_n06
NOAA-7 avhrr2_n07 hirs2_n07 ssu_n07
NOAA-8 avhrr2_n08 hirs2_n08 ssu_n08
NOAA-9 avhrr2_n09 hirs2_n09 ssu_n09
NOAA-10 avhrr2_n10 hirs2_n10 -
NOAA-11 avhrr2_n11 hirs2_n11 ssu_n11
NOAA-12 avhrr2_n12 hirs2_n12 -
NOAA-14 avhrr2_n14 hirs2_n14 ssu_n14
NOAA-15 avhrr3_n15 hirs3_n15 -
NOAA-16 avhrr3_n16 hirs3_n16 -
NOAA-17 avhrr3_n17 hirs3_n17 -
NOAA-18 avhrr3_n18 hirs4_n18 -
1The label NOAA-5 is used to refer to the TIROS-N satellite instruments here rather than
the operational NOAA-5 (ITOS-H) satellite. The primary sensors for the ITOS-H satellite
were the Very High Resolution Radiometer (VHRR), Vertical Temperature Profile Radiometer
(VTPR), and Scanning Radiometer (SR).
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Satellite VAS
Sounder Channel Average
Sounder Detector
GOES-4 vas_g04 - - -
GOES-5 vas_g05 - - -
GOES-6 vas_g06 - - -
GOES-7 vas_g07 - - -
GOES-8 - sndr_g08 - imgr_g08
GOES-9 - sndr_g09 - imgr_g09
GOES-10 - sndr_g10 sndrD1-4_g10 imgr_g10
GOES-11 - sndr_g11 - imgr_g11
GOES-12 - sndr_g12 sndrD1-4_g12 imgr_g12
GOES-N(13) - sndr_g13 sndrD1-4_g13 imgr_g131
1The GOES-N(13) imager SRFs are the average for the side 1 electronics.
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MeteoSat-3 to -7 and MeteoSat Second Generation-1
Satellite MVIRI(NOM)1
MeteoSat-3 mviriNOM_m03 mviriBKUP_m03 -
MeteoSat-4 mviriNOM_m04 mviriBKUP_m04 -
MeteoSat-5 mviriNOM_m05 mviriBKUP_m05 -
MeteoSat-6 mviriNOM_m06 mviriBKUP_m06 -
MeteoSat-7 mviriNOM_m07 mviriBKUP_m07 -
MeteoSat SG-1 - - seviri_msg01
1The NOM and BKUP labels refer to the nominal and backup spectral configurations.
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Detector Terra
Channel average modis_terra modis_aqua
1 modisD01_terra modisD01_aqua
2 modisD02_terra modisD02_aqua
3 modisD03_terra modisD03_aqua
4 modisD04_terra modisD04_aqua
5 modisD05_terra modisD05_aqua
6 modisD06_terra modisD06_aqua
7 modisD07_terra modisD07_aqua
8 modisD08_terra modisD08_aqua
9 modisD09_terra modisD09_aqua
10 modisD10_terra modisD10_aqua
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Detector Module Data1
12 airsM12_aqua
11 airsM11_aqua
10 airsM10_aqua
9 airsM9_aqua
8 airsM8_aqua
7 airsM7_aqua
6 airsM6_aqua
5 airsM5_aqua
4d airsM4d_aqua
4c airsM4c_aqua
3 airsM3_aqua
4b airsM4b_aqua
4a airsM4a_aqua
2b airsM2b_aqua
1b airsM1b_aqua
2a airsM2a_aqua
1a airsM1a_aqua
281 Ch.2 airs281SUBSET_aqua
324 Ch.2 airs324SUBSET_aqua
1The above AIRS SRFs use the 18-Nov-2005 v4.0 AIRS SRFs.
2These are the 281 and 324 channel subsets used in data assimilation and retrieval processing.
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Detector Set Data
vissrDetA_gms5 vissrDetA_gms5
B vissrDetB_gms5 -
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