Suggestions for Studying

There are several approaches to studying and you know what method works best for you. Here I outline an approach that worked well for me many years ago. First off come to class. I will discuss what I think is important for you to know for an understanding on how the atmosphere works. Ask questions! That is the best why to learn.

Read the assignments listed in the syllabus and read them before you come to class. The book has some good chapters, and some not so good ones. When reading the book first glance through the chapter. Look at the figures and read the figure captions. Also look for bold type words. Read the summary section first. This seems backwards its a text book not a novel. By reading the end first it will tell you what is important in the chapter. Also look at my lecture notes on the web home page - it will tell you what I think is important and what will be emphasized in class and on the tests. Now read the chapter, before class. Come to class with questions and take notes on the lecture. Based on your lecture notes, make up some questions. They don't have to be complex questions, in fact they should be ones that you can answer. Re-read the chapter with these questions in mind and as you read the chapter think of the answers.

Listen to the weather reports on television, in the newspaper, on the radio and on the web. By the end of the class you should be able to understand everything that is discussed on the nightly news! You may not be able to make a forecast, but you will be able to understand why the meteorologist is making a certain prediction.

Everyone is interested in the weather. Discuss the weather with your friends. When you are discussing the weather with friends that are not in class. If they have questions you don't understand bring them to class and we will try to come up with an answer.

Well this method of studying asks a lot of you and I know this is not possible all the time. But if you do it as often as possible it will have its benefits. Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions!