Friendly Frost Forecast Feat

Here's another chance to earn some extra credit (3 points). My family and I have a garden that we like to protect from an early frost. We live out near the airport where the weather is pretty representative of what we receive at our home. If you predict the correct day for our FIRST frost you can earn extra credit. But there are RULES:

  1. You are allowed only one attempt.
  2. You must submit the forecast by 5 pm the day before you forecast frost to occur.
  3. All submissions that are correct will earn the credit.
  4. Validation that frost occurs is made by me and my family.
  5. You must send your answer by e-mail AND put FROST in the subject. If the word FROST is not placed in the email subject, I probably will never notice it and all my plants will die.
  6. Include only one sentence in the email - "I predict frost to occur on (place the date of the morning you expect it to appear)."
  7. Include your name after the above sentence.
Failure to follow these rules will disqualify you from the contest. Good Luck!

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