Answer to Question of the Week

This week's winners areKristin Stoor and Alison Riedi

The question: Discribe the conditions of a memorable fog that you experienced. In addtion to telling us why it was memorable, include what you remember about the other weather variables (e.g. temperature, wind, cloud cover, location).

The answers:

My most memorable fog occurred a few years ago. It was around labor day, and I was supposed to drive to a town a half an hour away for work. I left my house at 8 in the morning. It seemed a little hazy, but it wasn't too bad to drive. I was a little concerned, but I thought that the fog would burn off (evaporate) as the morning went on. As I got farther from home, though, the fog got progressively worse, until I could only see a few feet in front of the car! I couldn't even see houses from the street!

I now realize the reason for the fog and why it got worse as I drove on. It must have been a radiation fog, since it was in the fall and it had been a cool night the night before. I live on a hill, so the fog didn't seem too dense because the air around my house was warmer than the air in the dense fog area. As I drove to work, I was driving through a valley where the cooler air must have settled, which formed the denser fog.

Kristin Stoor

When I was a little girl, I loved riding in the car with my dad. One fairly warm night we were driving through a corn field and there was a thick fog that seemed to engulf us. It wasn't that windy and the sky was clear, if I remember correctly. My dad told me that the clouds came down from the sky to be with us and I always thought that heaven was in the clouds. So here I am, six years old, thinking that I'm driving through heaven in a corn field with my dad when it was just fog.

Alison Riedi

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