Explore Rainbows!
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  • Choosing a rainbow
    • Primary checkbox enables the primary bow and its light rays
    • Secondary checkbox enables the secondary bow and its light rays
    • Unchecking both when in Rain Curtain Mode will show both bows -- but no rays.
  • Picking a display mode
    • Rain Curtain mode shows two parallel light rays (beams) from the sun refracting off a raindrop at the both the top and bottom of the rain curtain
    • Multi-drop mode shows three parallel light rays refracting off three raindrops at different altitudes
    • Single drop mode shows the path inside a single drop
    • Note that primary or secondary bows may be used with each mode
  • Dragging the mouse pointer around
    • Drag the sun around (top and right side) to change the angle of the parallel light rays from the sun and simulate a time-of-day
    • Drag the person back & forth to see the effect of observer distance from the rain
    • When in multi-drop mode drag the refracting drops up and down
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