WISC-T2000 Acronyms

AirMISR--Airborne MISR
ARM--Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
CART--Cloud and Radiation Testbed
CLS--Cloud Lidar System
DFRC--Dryden Flight Research Center
DOE--Department of Energy
EOS--Earth Observing System
ER-2--Earth Resources (plane), #2
GSFC--Goddard Space Flight Center
JPL--Jet Propulsion Laboratory
MAS--MODIS Airborne Simulator
MISR--Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
MODIS--MODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
NASA--National Aeronautics and Space Administration
S-HIS--Scanning High resolution Interferometer Sounder
SSEC--Space Science and Engineering Center
WISC-T2000--Wisconsin Snow and Cloud-Terra 2000