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(Winter Experiment)

for Schools

Attention Teachers and Students:

You and your class can help the WINTEX science team by collecting weather data from your school or home! We've created a data collection sheet that you can complete of the weather near the ground while the ER-2 flies over your area!


Every time you look at a weather report on the evening news, you are looking at data or information about the atmosphere gathered by specialized instruments on board weather satellites. Meteorologists (weather scientists) and engineers are constantly working to calibrate (or verify and improve) the quality of the data collected by these instruments.

*By improving the accuracy of the instrument measurements such as atmospheric temperature, humidity and wind speed, meteorologists will be able to make better weather forecasts in the future!

*Future weather satellite instruments such as MODIS, are an important part of WINTEX. The MODIS instrument collects information about clouds. This data is extremely important for our understanding of how clouds affect climate.

For more information on supporting WINTEX research activities or other Outreach programs for teachers and students, please contact Rosalyn Pertzborn at rosep@ssec.wisc.edu

You can also fax your data collection sheet to Rosalyn Pertzborn at (608)262-5974