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1) Current Schedule

2) Data Collection Parameters:

3) Network Configuration Information

TRUAX Network Interface Specifics for WINTEX

Connection to the Internet is via an RF link between the hanger/lab at TRUAX and the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) building on campus. Solectek from San Diego, California is supplying a 4 mb wireless bridge and is an extension of the SSEC network. SSEC's connection to the Internet is via the UW campus network at rates up to 45 Mbits/Sec.

Please use the following information in preparation for connecting to the network at TRUAX.


The network wiring is 10BaseT with Rj45 connectors. SSEC will supply cables to your computer.

default gateway: netmask: nameserver:


Addresses to date: 144.92.116.

AERIBAGO machineAERI/S-HIS machine
11mts1wintex machineBillBlackellTruax
12mts2wintex machineBillBlackellTruax
13mts3wintex machineBillBlackellTruax
14mts4wintex machineBillBlackellTruax
15mts5wintex machineBillBlackellTruax
16o3fpilapwintex machineAllenLararTruax
17nast-2wintex machineAllenLararTruax
18nast-iwintex machineJohnBattcherTruax
19ninawintex machineJohnBattcherTruax
20pintawintex machineJohnBattcherTruax
21santa-mariawintex machineJohnBattcherTruax
22er2navwintex machineSkyKurtTruax
23er2macwintex machineAlanCartledgeTruax
24er2pcwintex machinepilotTruax
25er2chiefwintex machineCrewChiefTruax
26er2o2wintex machineLifeSuppTruax
27truckeewintex machineMikeFitzgeraldTruax
28lap1mikewintex machineMikeFitzgeraldTruax
29lap2donwintex machineMikeFitzgeraldTruax
30sunsnapwintex machineMikeFitzgeraldTruax
31pcsnapwintex machineMikeFitzgeraldTruax
32sunnylandwintex machineWallaceMTruax
33postdocwintex machineWallacePDTruax
43w-gustAERIBAGO machineKnutesonTruax
44w-mohaveAERI/S-HIS machineKnutesonTruax
54modis1RS/6000 370ChrisM2nd
56w-ivothinkpad 770 nt4/os2ralph dTruax
86w-aeriralph dTruax
95monsoonLinux PCRayGTruax
100w-nast-calNAST-I DesktopBen HowellTruax
101w-laporteS-HIS/NAST DesktopDan LaporteTruax
102w-hankrLaptopHank RevercombTruax
103w-bigskyAERI/S-HIS DesktopRalph DedeckerTruax
116w-rknutesonAERI/S-HIS/NAST-I LaptopBob KnutesonTruax
126w-aerifepAERIBAGO MachineKnutesonTruax
137w-tylerLinux IBMDaveTTruax
138w-eddyAERIBAGO desktopKnutesonTruax
141w-tsunamiLinux LaptopRayGTruax
162w-haboobAERI LaptopWayne FeltzTruax
215w-shisS-HIS LaptopVon WaldenTruax
251w-shis-calS-HIS DesktopVon WaldenTruax

4) Personnel List

Name Affiliation Activity Email
Achtor, Tom UWisconsin Data support team
Ackerman, Steve UWisconsin ER-2 Lead Scientist
Barnes, James LockheedER-2 Crew
Barrett, Jack MITNAST
Barrilleaux, JamesNASA DrydonER-2
Battcher, John NASA
Bedingfield, KevinLockheedER-2
Best, Fred UWisconsin S-HIS/AERI Support
Blackwell, Bill MIT NAST-M
Broda, KenNASA DrydonER-2
Cabezas, Sergio LockheedER-2
Cartledge, Alan NASA AMES ER-2 Contact
Dean, Mike UWisconsin S-HIS/AERI Support
Dedecker, Ralph UWisconsin S-HIS instrument
DeSlover, Dan UWisconsin AERI instrument
Dirkx, Tim UWisconsin S-HIS instrument
Eloranta, Ed UWisconsin HSRL instrument P.I.
Ewerling, Jack LockheedER-2
Feltz, Wayne UWisconsin Webmaster/Weather Support/AERI instrument
Garcia, Ray UWisconsin Data Support Team
Gregory, TerriUWisconsin SSEC Public
Gumley, Liam UWisconsin MAS instrument
Hendrick, JimUWisconsin LIDAR
Herbsleb, Bob UWisconsin S-HIS instrument
Heymsfield, Andy UCARReplicator
Holz, BobUWisconsin LIDAR
Howell, Ben UWisconsin S-HIS/AERI/NAST Support
Huang, Allen UWisconsin S-HIS instrument
Jones, DaveUWisconsin Networking
Jones, IrbyNASA LangleyNAST-I
Kapitzke, MikeNASA DrydonER-2 Mission
Knuteson, Bob UWisconsin AERI instrument P.I.
Kuehn, RalphUWisconsin LIDAR
Laporte, DanUWisconsin S-HIS
Larar, AllenNASA LangleyNAST-I
Leffel, ThomasNASA LangleyNAST-I
Leslie, RobertMITNAST
Lopez, RonLockheedER-2
Mayor, ShaneUWisconsin LIDAR Instrument
McRae, Dennis UWisconsin AERI/S-HIS Support
Menzel, Paul UWisconsin WINTEX Clouds Scientist, MAS P.I.
Miloshevic, Larry UCARReplicator
Moeller, Chris UWisconsin MAS instrument
Mooney, Margaret NOAA UW Weather Support
Noe, AnneNASA
Nystrom, JanLockheedER-2
Oehlkers, Bob UWisconsin Networking
Oliver, DonaldNASA
Olson, ErikUWisconsin Data Collection and
Overbay, Vance (Sonny)NASA LangleyNAST-I
Ponsardin, PatrickUWisconsin LIDAR
Revercomb, Hank UWisconsin S-HIS instrument
Robinson, MikeLockheedER-2
Rosenkranz, PhilMITNAST-M
Short, John UWisconsin S-HIS instrument
Sisko, Chris UWisconsin NAST-I instrument
Smith, Bill NASA LaRCNAST-I instrument P.I.
Sokolik, JamesLockheedER-2 Life
Strabala, Kathy UWisconsin MAS instrument
Tobin, David UWisconsin S-HIS/NAST
Van Delst, Paul UWisconsin S-HIS instrument
Vickers, ScottLockheedER-2
Wade, Gary UWisconsin Data support team
Walden, Von UWisconsin Data support team
Werlink, RudolphNASA LangleyNAST-I
Wolf, Walt UWisconsin HSRL instrument
Woolf, Hal UWisconsin AERI/S-HIS Instrument
Zhou, DanNASA LangleyNAST-I

Please send me email to the address below and I will add as I receive corrections and additions.

5) Truax Phone Numbers

Truax Airfield Operations

Head Contact: Greg Donovan Airport Operations Manager 608-246-3392

24 Hour Number (608) 246-3397 Pager (608) 275-9627

Truax Air Traffic Control

Head Contact: Dan Hoke (608) 244-5691

HSRL Lidar Trailer Phone Numbers

Trailer: 263-7908

Ralph K. Office: 263-6847

AERIBAGO Cellular Phone Numbers

Flipflop (RALPH D) 219-8669

Motorola Bag 219-6894

Instrument Group Phone Numbers

Number Location Expected Use
608-245-4670 Ops Room Pilots
4671 " Crew chief/NASA
4672 " Logistics
4673 " Fax/Modem
4674 Classroom NAST-I
4675 " NAST-M
4676 " MAS/ATAC
4677 " S-HIS
4678 " Fax/Message
4679 " Project Scientist

6) WINTEX Timeline

                                             MAR                                     APR
                     15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  01  02
Deployment           ******************************ER-2 at Truax Field*************************
AERI (SSEC)          ****************************Operational on Flight days********************
Classonde (SSEC)     ****************************Operational on Flight days********************
AERIBAGO(SSEC)       ****************************Operational on Flight days********************

7) Open Issues

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