ER-2 Flight: 99060

Date: April 4, 1999

Mission: Ferry ER-2 aircraft back to California (DFRC).

Mission Objectives

Overfly some clear and cloudy air on ferry flight back to Dryden

Flight Summary

Take-off was at 1300 UTC. ER-2 landed  at about 1700 UTC.

ER-2 left MSN and flew SW over midwest directly towards DFRC.  In route, the ER-2 overflew clear conditions in IA/NE, then some alto cu and cirrus in western NE, and a broad upper level trough with much cloudiness in the Rockies and Intermontaine Basin. No overpass of SSEC.  HSRL not operating.  AERI on roof at SSEC was operative.


Aircraft returned safely to Dryden.

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes: Flew straight back to Dryden instead of covering SGP CART site due to rising winds at Edwards AFB.