ER-2 Flight: 99057

Date: March 29, 1999

Mission: NOAA-15 underflight.  IPO Bkn low clouds, CO retrieval.  ER-2 instrument calibration.

Mission Objectives

Underfly NOAA-15 in clear sky conditions over Lake Michigan for calibration comparisons between ER-2 and NOAA-15 instruments (AERIbago at L. Michigan lakeshore).  Test NAST-I atmospheric retrievals in broken low cloud conditions with radiosonde network aloft.  Test MODIS cloud detection in low light conditions.  Overfly MKE for DNR CO monitoring measurements.  Compare ER-2 based instrument calibration over L. Michigan.  Overfly SSEC for HSRL, AERI comparisons to ER-2 instruments.

Flight Summary

Take-off was at 2300 UTC. ER-2 landed at 0245 UTC (99089).

ER-2 spiraled up from Truax and flew south towards N. Indiana (40n, 86:52w) to overfly boundary layer cu which formed in daytime solar heating.  Cu was rapidly dissipating before ER-2 arrived so only sct to few cu remaining when ER-2 overflew.  Then flew from N. Indiana to SE corner of L. Michigan racetrack.  Eastern line (42:08n 86:50w to 43:44n 87:25w) of racetrack went over buoy 87007 and western leg was about 36km (19nm) west and parallel.  Skies all clear during 3 orbits of racetrack.  ER-2 met NOAA-15 (6:52pm CST; 0052 UTC) on 2nd orbit at end of eastern leg.  AERIbago making measurements during entire time at its position on high cliff in Sheboygan overlooking L. Michigan.  Classonde launched at 6:15pm from AERIbago site.  After 3rd orbit, ER-2 flew in clear skies from central L. Michigan over MKE and on past MSN in darkness.    HSRL operating, AERIbago operating, AERI on roof.


Clear skies over L. Michigan with NOAA-15 overhead.  SCT low cu in low light conditions near synoptic radiosonde time.  Clear scenes over MKE CO measurements at night.

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes: Some pitching of aircraft over L. Michigan due to atmospheric temperature fluctuations.  Few to SCT cu over Indiana.