ER-2 Flight: 99056

Date: March 26, 1999

Mission: IPO Bkn clouds, MODIS cloud detection in low light, CO retrieval, mid tropospheric moisture gradient, night cloud detection, HSRL comparisons.

Mission Objectives

Test NAST-I atmospheric retrievals in broken cloud conditions with radiosonde network aloft.  Test MODIS cloud detection in low light conditions.  Traverse a mid tropospheric moisture gradient for moisture advection.  Overfly CO monitoring tower in clear conditions (Park Falls, WI).  Overfly SSEC for HSRL, AERI, classonde comparisons to ER-2 instruments.

Flight Summary

Take-off was at 2100 UTC. ER-2 landed at 0221 UTC (99086).

ER-2 spiraled up from Truax and flew towards DLH.  Flew DLH to INL.  Skies clear on these legs.  Flew INL to YQD (The Pas).  At about NW end of  L. Winnipeg, ER-2 encountered SCT and BKN mid and high cloud, both cirroform and cumuliform.  Proceeded about 50nm beyond YQD in BKN cloud conditions.  Some clear holes.  After short deviation from outbound line, ER-2 rejoined outbound line and flew same line back to INL.  Then flew on past DLH in clear skies where it vectored eastward to Park Fall, WI CO tower and flew an 8 minute leg centered over the tower.  Skies clear.  Then flew to S. Wisconsin in clear skies and overflew SSEC from east to west, overpassing SSEC at 7:36pm CST.  HSRL operating, AERIbago operating, AERI on roof.  Classonde launch at 7:00pm.


BKN high clouds in S. Canada at synoptic radiosonde time.  Clear scenes over CO tower in Park Falls, WI.

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes: Apparent wispy cloud above ER-2 aircraft level on outbound.  Hazy atmosphere.  Ground visible in cloudy region.  Smooth flight except near DLH on inbound.