ER-2 Flight: 99055

Date: March 25, 1999

Mission: ER-2 instrument calibration flight and moisture mapping, NOAA-15 underflight, HSRL comparisons.

Mission Objectives

Assess MAS calibration through comparisons with S-HIS and NAST-I over clear deep water Lake Superior.  NOAA-15 underflight (6:41pm CST). Look for moisture gradients and moisture advection over L. Superior using data from three orbits of N-S oriented racetrack.  Comparisons to uplooking AERI measurements at Truax Field and HSRL at SSEC.

Flight Summary

Take-off was at 2230 UTC. ER-2 landed at 0230 UTC (99085).

Low stratus cloud over SE WI rapidly dissipated at about flight launch time.  ER-2 spiraled up from Truax and flew towards L. Superior racetrack, reaching altitude at about GRB.  Racetrack (47n 86:42w to 48:20n 87:10w and parallel line 30km to east) is aligned along NOAA-15 overpass track (6:41pm CST; 0041 UTC).  Did 3 orbits of racetrack in clear sky conditions and lowering sun angle.  Sun went below horizon on last orbit.  ER-2 was straight and level during the NOAA-15 overpass.  ER-2 then proceeded southbound along L. Michigan western shoreline till MKE where it turned westward to MSN, overflying SSEC at 7:46pm CST (0146 UTC).  Skies were clear over entire state.


Clear scenes over L. Superior for ER-2 instrument calibration comparisons. NOAA-15 underflight in clear skies over L. Superior. Nightime overpass MKE.

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes: Pilot reported seeing NOAA-15 go by overhead. Very smooth flight (no turbulence). Brown haze in full atmospheric column.