ER-2 Flight: 99051

Date: March 18, 1999

Mission: Moisture mapping, calibration and instrument check-out.

Mission Objectives

ER-2 will fly three orbits of a racetrack for moisture mapping.  The eastern end of the racetrack extends about 50km into Lake Michigan for calibration comparisons of the ER-2 instruments.  SSEC (HSRL, AERI) is located at the western end of the northern flight line, and thus will be overflown 3 times during the mission.  This flight is the first during WINTEX with the S-HIS and NAST-I instruments onboard the ER-2.

Flight Summary

Take-off was at 1900 UTC. ER-2 landed at 2215 UTC.

ER-2 flew climbed out from Madison towards northeast (GRB) and turned back over L. Michigan to transit to east end of racetrack.  Started racetrack pattern on northern leg and did 3 complete orbits and went into descent into Madison.  Skies were mostly clear with few cu around.  Three overpass times of SSEC were at about 1950, 2035 and 2117 UTC with heading 270.  Flight also overflew Milwaukee on the northern flight line.


Three overpasses over SSEC (HSRL, AERI were operating).  Clear overpass of Lake Michigan.

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes:. Strong winds aloft.  MAS descent heater activated at 32K feet.