Science Objectives:

WINCE AREA of Interest

1) Cloud detection/properties over snow/ice background

Instrumentation: MAS, HIS, CLS

Target: Ice and snow background scenes

Scene type: thin cirrus, thick scattered to broken cloud

Time of Day: Day and night

2) Snow detection

Instrumentation: MAS, MIR

Target: ground instrumented site(s) in New Hampshire/Vermont/NY

Scene type: clear skies w/snowcover background

Time of Day: Daytime

3) MAS/HIS absolute calibration comparison

Instrumentation: MAS, HIS, GOES

Target: Lake Michigan or Superior

Scene type: open water ("warm" scene), thick cloud (cold scene)

Time of Day: Day or night

4) SSEC ground-based instrumentation overflight

Instrumentation: ER-2: MAS, HIS, CLS; Ground-based: AERI, HSRL, Classonde

Target: Deployment sites of ground-based instruments

Scene type: clear and thin cloud (for optical depth profiles from HSRL)

Time of Day: Day, night (for Re from HSRL)

5) ADEOS underflights

Instrumentation: EO camera, HIS, MAS, CLS

Target: Lake Michigan or Superior with ADEOS

Scene type: open water w/cirrus or clear sky

Time of Day: Daytime

6) Other

GPSMET sounding validation and GOES Product Validation

Overflight(s) of Wisconsin Lake Snow project and AERIbago w/classonde

Penn State ground based network

Lake Ice Project & NASA LTER sunphotometer

CO monitors

GCIP precip studies and snow albedo

USDA Ground cover monitors

Lake Tahoe and Denver International Airport overflight during Ferry flight

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