ER-2 Flight: 96111

Date: May 3, 1996

Mission: DC-8 observations of B757 contrail with ER-2 remote sensing above.

Mission Objectives

Coupling between radiative and microphysical properties of clouds.

Flight Summary

The DC-8 and B757 flew an EW racetrack in Oklahoma near the ARM site. The tracks wer 30 min long eas with about a 20 mile separation. Ther ER-2 flew the same track but in the opposite direction of the DC-8. One flight track was flown in the solar plane at the gebinning of the mission. Most of the EW track was cloud free. Theyre may have been short non-persitent contrails generated by the 757 and DC-8. On the eastern side of the racetrac there was some broken to solid low stratus clouds.


NOAA-14 satellite overpass at 2025 UTC.

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes: