ER-2 Flight: 96102

Date: April 13, 1996

Mission: Radiation Measurement Mission Over ARM Site

Mission Objectives

Atmospheric radiation measurements over the ARM CART site. Comparison of ER-2 downlooking with surface based uplooking instruments.

Flight Summary

Take off was 1740 UTC and return time was 2020 UTC. ER-2 flew a figure eight pattern 2 1/2 times over ARM CART site (36 36.6'N 97 34.8'W) . Horizontal legs were approximately 70 nautical miles long. North bound leg was 295 degrees (true north), south bound 135 degreess. Final northbound leg was extended approximately 120 nautical miles past the ARM site to overpass developing convection.

Around 1800 UTC convective cells west of Witchita were seen on radar.


Clear sky conditions useful for ARM science objectives. Overflight of convective cloud deck on return leg. Five passes over the ARM site (approximately1830, 1843; 1857; 1910 and 1923 UTC)).

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes:. Cloud free conditions over the ARM CART site.