ER-2 Flight: 96101

Date: April 9, 1996

Mission: MODIS Louisiana coastal zone turbidity

Mission Objectives

Monitor short term (hourly) sediment transport in turbid coastal waters in Atchafalaya Bay region, Louisiana coast (primary) using MODIS Airborne Simulator (MAS). Monitor sea surface temperature in nearshore Gulf of Mexico including overpass of NOAA Buoy 92035 (secondary) using MAS and HIS (High resolution Interferometer Sounder).

Flight Summary

Take of was 12:30 UTC and return time was 18:20 UTC. ER-2 flew 3 complete revolutions (1402 - 1612 UTC) of NW-SE oriented racetrack pattern (200 km legs) over Atchafalaya Bay region of Louisiana coast. Scenes predominantly clear-sky turbid water in the Atchafalaya Bay region. About 20% coastal land coverage. Some fog/stratus (10%) present over water in outer leg of racetrack.


Excellent data collection over Atchafalaya Bay. Large turbidity gradients present for detecting water motions. High turbidity water extending southward from Bay region out onto the inner continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico. In situ data collection (water samples, radiometric monitoring of reflectance) from boat teams supporting MAS radiometric measurements.

ARM CART site overpass on outbound and inbound.

Instrument Status

Additional Pilot Notes: Aircraft at approximately 55,000 feet on outbound CART overpass. CART overpass on return at approximately 17:44 - clear sky conditions over site.