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Satellite-based Nowcasting and Aviation Program

Turbulence Products

Tropopause Fold

GLASH Product
Locations of Tropopause Fold
Left: Modified GOES Water Vapor channel brightness temperature in the northern hemisphere. Right: Corresponding locations of tropopause folds in the original image, where upper-tropospheric clear air turbulence is more common; the colors in this product indicate the direction of flight most likely to encounter turbulence.

Mountain Wave

Mountain Wave Product
Left: GOES 12 water vapor channel brightness temperatures over Colorado and the surrounding states, with contours (value = 1.2) from the accompanying image. Right: "Confidence Score," a unitless measure of the strength of the wave patterns in the image. Corresponding automated aircraft reports at one-minute resolution are overlain on both images, where orange and red colors indicate moderate or greater turbulence.