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9-10 August 2007 Turbulence Miniworkshop Presentations/Action Items

Monday, August 13th, 2007

MiniWorkshop Agenda

Action Items:

1) Tony to process 6 March 2004 turbulence case in the same manner as 9 April case (Wimmers)
2) Traffic figures for diurnal figure (Wimmers)
3) Process rest of EDR cases and add to statistics (Wimmers)
4) Collect all presentation materials (Feltz)
5) Get animations to B. Sharman indicating reverse flow situation (Otkin)
6) Operational wind dataset for Bob and Jon
7) Provide access to upper midwest domain via LDM

8) Account for parallax within CTCR product
9) 5 August 2005 - MODIS image (wv) ahead of thunderstorm
10) High resolution data for structure functions for certain times and levels (Otkin)
11) Email Otkin web pages to Williams
12) Anvil expansion identification (Rabin/Williams)

Presentations available at:

Jason Otkin’s WRF-AR NWP Simulations:

Main Page:

20040306 Mountain Wave Turbulence NWP Quicklooks:

20050604 - 20050605 Full Disk, CONUS, Upper Midwest Convective NWP simulation