Cloud Identification


High Level Clouds - II

Cirrocumulus Clouds


Cirrocumulus clouds are fairly rare and fun for enthusiasts to discover. They are commonly called "popcorn" clouds because they look like thin white popped kernels floating high in the sky.


Cirrostratus clouds are like sheets of cirrus, high, thin and continuous. They are responsible for halos and other beautiful atmospheric phenomena (a "sundog" can be seen in this picture) because the thin blanket of ice crystals cause sunlight to refract (bend) and spread out into colors of the rainbow.

Cumulonimbus with overshooting top Cumulonimbus overshooting top visible satellite image Cumulonimbus infrared satellite image
Cirrostratus clouds from below Visible satellite image IR satellite image

Identify Cirrostratus Clouds in Satellite Images

The first satellite image is a visible image using reflected light, the second satellite image is an IR image that measures thermal energy.

hands-on activityUse your mouse or finger and slide across the image to fade between the different images.