Weather Satellites and Orbits


Assessment Questions

  1. What year was the first satellite launched?

  2. What country launched the first satellite and what did they name it?

  3. What Wisconsin scientist pioneered satellite meteorology research and became known as the "Father of Satellite Meteorology"

  4. When was the first weather satellite launched and what country accomplished this?

  5. What are the two main types of satellites? Which is closest to the Earth?

  6. What type of satellite is used to track large scale weather systems?

  7. What type of satellite is better for viewing small scale features on the Earth over a single country?

  8. What are the two main types of remotes sensing instruments flown on weather satellites?

  9. Which radiometers can collect data at night? Why?

  10. Satellite technology is one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century, name at least 2 more and list your reasons for your choices.

Download a printable Assessment Questions worksheet: WORD | PDF