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The International ATOVS Processing Package (IAPP) has been developed to retrieve atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles, total ozone and other parameters in both clear and cloudy atmospheres from ATOVS radiance measurements. The IAPP algorithm, which operates on NOAA-15 and later data, retrieves the parameters in 4 steps: 1) cloud detection; 2) bias adjustment; 3) regression retrieval; and 4) nonlinear iterative physical retrieval. A publication by Li, Wolf, Menzel, Zhang, Huang and Achtor, Journal of Applied Meteorology (August 2000) provides details on the algorithm.

Download Software

For information on the IAPP and how to obtain it free of charge, click here: download software.

Real Time Orbital Elements

For use in AAPP, original TBUS bulletins, if not available via GTS, can be acquired from the Web in at least two ways. The latest information will be found at

which is normally updated daily. Data for other days can be obtained from

When using the latter site, which presents daily files for an entire year, the user should exercise caution, since the file for a given day may not have been updated and will therefore contain data for other than the current year.


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