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CIMSS / SSEC – UW-Madison

GIFTS Information Processing System Test Data Set

Download the GIFTS Information Processing System (GIPS) Test Data Set

Please note the following:

  • This data is publically available as long as it exists on the SSEC FTP server.
  • The dataset may be updated or added to at some point in the future.

Please direct questions to Ray Garcia or Erik Olson

If your organization has need of current simulation data to experiment with, please send an external disk system with the following characteristics:

  • Ethernet- or firewire- writable
  • Compatible with Linux or Mac OS X supported filesystems
  • Capable of operating on 120VAC 60Hz (USA)
  • At least 160 Gigabytes and preferably one Terabyte in size
  • Insured return shipping included

Please contact the following e-mail addresses to schedule data shipping and obtain mailing address details:
eriko at and rayg at

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