27th Satellites and Education Conference

Symposium - Thursday July 31st

SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM - Thursday July 31st - afternoon & evening

A satellite symposium featuring cutting-edge tools and topics will take place at the UW-Madison Pyle Center Thursday afternoon and evening with keynote speaker Dr. Louis Uccellini, Director, NOAA's National Weather Service. This will be followed by a poster reception and celebratory banquet at the University Club with a second keynote by Dr. Hank Revercomb, Director, Space Science & Engineering Center.

Here's the exciting afternoon line-up:

1:00 – CIMSS Satellite Blog – Scott Bachmeier & Scott Lindstrom, CIMSS/SSEC
1:15 – WMS-RealEarth – Sam Batzli & Russ Dengel, SSEC
1:30 – NOAA View – Dan Pisut, NOAA EVL
2:00 - Worldview – Jeff Schmaltz, NASA Goddard
2:30 – BREAK
3:00 – GOES R – Tim Schmit, NOAA STAR
3:30 – Suomi NPP & VIIRS Data - Kathy Strabala, CIMSS
4:00 – Keynote – Dr. Louis Uccellini, Director NOAA NWS (intro by Steve Ackerman, CIMSS Director)

The University Club

The evening banquet will take place at
the prestigious yet intimate University Club
starting with a poster session social hour.


 5:15 Poster reception social hour (cash bar)
 6:30 Dinner
 7:20 CIMSS/SSEC Welcome – Steve Ackerman, CIMSS Director
 7:30 The Suomi Story – Hank Revercomb, SSEC Director