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Co-Chairs Liam Gumley, Nigel Atkinson, Nathalie Selbach

About the PSWG

science product image from AMSUThe Products and Software working group (PSWG) is the successor of the Satellite Sounder Science and Products Working Group. Large parts of the webpage still represent the focus of the former SSSP group. The page will be updated in the near future to reflect the change in focus of the Products and Software Working Group.

The mission of the sub group on Satellite Sounder Science and Products (SSSP) is to create a forum for scientific algorithms and products from operational and research weather satellites, and to promote scientific exchange among the international group of researchers and product developers.

The goal of this web site is to establish a mechanism for the dissemination and exchange of information across the international community on available research, techniques and products.

The contributions are currently divided into science and product areas. Click on a topic to go to a listing of contributions for any area.

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