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Tuesday 25 March 2014

15.00-19.00 Registration at Lotte Hotel

Wednesday 26 March 2014

8.00 Registration (continues to 15:00)
Poster setup
8.30-9.00 Welcome Co-chairs Mitch Goldberg, Niels Bormann
  An Overview of KMA Dr. Jae-Gwang Won (20 minutes)
  Local Arrangements Dohyeong Kim, B.J. Sohn
  Review of agenda Co-chairs

9.00-9.45 Session 1a: New observing systems (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Hank Revercomb and Dieter Klaes

1.01 Yong Han CrIS SDR Calibration and Cross-sensor Comparisons
1.02 William L. Smith The May 2013 SNPP Cal/Val Campaign: Validation of Satellite Soundings (paper)
1.03 Lihang Zhou Updates on the Performance of Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (SNPP) Data Products

9.45-10.00 Session 1b: New observations (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Hank Revercomb and Dieter Klaes

1p.01 Xin Jin Monitoring Suomi-NPP CrIS instrument Status and Data Quality at NOAA
1p.02 Xingpin Liu JPSS EDR Product Long-term Monitoring
1p.03 Allen Larar The Suomi NPP airborne field campaign and preliminary NAST-I radiance results
1p.04 Hank Revercomb
(for Joe Taylor)
Suomi NPP/JPSS Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS): Calibration Validation With The Aircraft Based Scanning High-resolution Interferometer Sounder (S-HIS)
1p.05 Hank Revercomb
(for David Tobin)
CrIS Radiometric Calibration: Uncertainty Estimates and Evaluations
1p.06 Yong Chen CrIS Full Resolution Processing and Validation System (CRPVS) for JPSS (paper)
1p.07 Scott Mindock CSPP Suomi NPP SDR 1.4

10:00-10:30 BREAK (incl. poster-viewing session 1b)

10.30-11.45Session 1c: New observations (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Nigel Atkinson and Allen Larar

1.04 Fuzhong Weng Advances in ATMS Sensor Data Record (SDR) Sciences
1.05 Zhengkun Qin Analysis of ATMS Striping Noise from its Earth Scene Observations
1.06 Chris Barnet Implementation of the NOAA Unique CrIS/ATMS processing System (NUCAPS) within the Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP)
1.07 Bomin Sun Procedures to Validate S-NPP Sounding Products using Conventional and Reference/Dedicated Observations
1.08 S. Indira Rani Simulation and Validation of INSAT-3D Imager and Sounder data at NCMRWF (paper)

11.45-12.00 Session 1d: New observations (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs:Nigel Atkinson and Allen Larar

1p.08 Fuzhong Weng
(for Lin Lin)
Validation of ATMS Radiance Using GPS RO and Radiosonde Data
1p.09 Simone Costa Recent implementation and use current products and processing packages for Suomi/NPP Instruments at CPTEC/INPE
1p.10 Reima Eresmaa Assimilation of Cross-track Infrared Sounder radiances at ECMWF (paper)
1p.11 Ana Fernandez del Rio
(for Robin Faulwetter)
Assimilation of ATMS data at DWD
1p.12 Heather Lawrence An update on the assimilation of ATMS data at ECMWF (paper)
1p.13 Fiona Smith
(for James Cameron)
Assessment and assimilation of MetOp-B IASI
1p.14 Dorothée Coppens Inter-comparison between IASI and other Multi-spectral Instruments: One Year of Dual-METOP Data (paper)
12.00-12.30 Welcome by KMA Dr. Yunhwa Ko, Adminstrator of KMA
  Welcome by WMO Dr. David Grimes, President of WMO
  Group Photo  

12.30-13.30 LUNCH

13:30-14:00 Poster-viewing session 1d

14.00-15.15Session 1e: New observations (oral presentations - 12 minutes)Chairs: Peng Zhang and Ken Holmlund

1.09 Peng Zhang The latest progress of FY-3C
1.10 Qifeng Lu The data quality and performance of four FY-3 instruments for NWP
1.11 Wei Han
(for Peiming Dong)
Inter-comparison of data characteristics and impact on NWP of FY-3B NPP and NOAA18 Microwave observation (paper)
1.12 Eric Péquignot
(for Elsa Jacquette)
Performance status of IASI on MetOp-A and MetOp-B
1.13 Dorothée Coppens Assessment of IASI Radiances during the SALSTICE Campaign (paper)

15.15-15.30 Session 1f: New observations (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Peng Zhang and Ken Holmlund

1p.15 Keyi Chen Assessment of Chinese Satellite FY3A/B MWHS (paper)
1p.16 Ling Wang Retrieval and validation of water vapor from FY3C MERSI near-infrared channels
1p.17 Pascal Brunel Mapping CrIS field of view onto VIIRS
1p.18 Geoff Cureton VIIRS EDR Products in the Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP)
1p.19 Tom Rink Analyzing VIIRS and CrIS Data with HYDRA2 (paper)
1p.20 Yi Song A BUFR and GRIB Tailoring System for NPP/JPSS and GCOM Products

15:30-16:00 BREAK (incl. poster-viewing session 1f)

16.00-16.30       Session 2a: Processing and Dissemination (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Allen Huang, Jerome Lafeuille and Ken Carey

2.01 Liam Gumley Recent developments with the Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP)
2.02 Kathleen Strabala International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package (IMAPP):  Proof of the Utility of Polar Orbiter Data to Environmental Forecasters

16.30-16.45       Session 2b: Processing and Dissemination (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Allen Huang, Jerome Lafeuille and Ken Carey

2p.01 Nigel Atkinson AAPP status report for ITSC-19
2p.02 Nigel Atkinson Experiences with reception and processing of direct broadcast FY-3A and FY-3B data
2p.03 Graeme Martin Introducing CSPP GEO: A Geostationary Satellite Data Processing Package for Direct Broadcast Users
2p.04 Dieter Klaes
(for Thomas Heinemann)
EUMETSAT's global and regional services for sounder data
2p.05 Liam Gumley NOAA Real-Time Network for Receiving and Processing Infrared and Microwave Sounder Data with Low Latency
2p.06 withdrawn  
2p.07 Su-Hyun Jung Operational Processing of Satellite Sounding Data at NMSC
2p.08 Xiaoxu Tian Detection of Radio Frequency Interference in Global Microwave Imager Data

16.45-17.25       Session 3a: Future Observing Systems (Agency poster introductions - 5 minutes: 2 slides) Chairs: Allen Huang, Jerome Lafeuille and Ken Carey

SP.1 Jerome Lafeuille WMO perspective (poster)
SP.2 Dieter Klaes EUMETSAT Plans (poster)
SP.3 Kozo Okamoto JMA and JAXA Plans (poster)
SP.4 Mitch Goldberg NOAA
SP.5 Peng Zhang China
SP.6 Ashim Mitra India
SP.7 Alexander Polyakov
(for Alexander Uspensky)

17.25-17.40       Session 3b: Future Observing Systems (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Allen Huang, Jerome Lafeuille and Ken Carey

3.01 Francisco Bermudo IASI-NG program: a New Generation of Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer

17.40-17.50       Session 3c: EPS-SG (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Allen Huang, Jerome Lafeuille and Ken Carey

3p.01 Joerg Ackermann EPS-SG: Overview of Mission and Products

3p.02 &

Stéphane Rousseau IASI-NG system overview
3p.04 Stéphane Rousseau
(for Frédéric Bernard)
IASI-NG Instrument Presentation
3p.05 Javier Andrey-Andres A step towards IASI-NG: Simulation of orbits and first impact assessment compared to IASI (paper)

19.30 Welcome dinner

Thursday 27 March 2014

08.30-9.45 Session 4a: Radiation transfer (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Louis Garand and Pascal Brunel

4.01 Nicole Jacquinet The GEISA spectroscopic database: a key tool for atmospheric remote sensing applications
4.02 Quanhua (Mark) Liu Community Radiative Transfer Model Updates and Applications
4.03 James Hocking Update on RTTOV developments
4.04 Stephan Havemann The Havemann-Taylor Fast Radiative Transfer Code (HT-FRTC) for hyperspectral, broadband and line-by-line radiance and flux simulations
4.05 Raymond Armante
(for Noelle A. Scott)
Lessons learnt from the validation of level1 and level2 hyperspectral sounders observations

9.45-10.00 Session 4b: Radiative Transfer (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Louis Garand and Pascal Brunel

4p.01 Ju-Hye Kim Intercomparison of RTTOV and CRTM: Simulated radiances of AMSU-A and microwave scattering solver
4p.02 Pascale Roquet A graphical user interface for RTTOV
4p.03 Cristina Lupu Evaluation of RTTOV-11 in the IFS
4p.04 Jeon-Ho Kang The comparison of vertical interpolation methods for the KIAPS observation processing system
4p.05 Raymond Armante 4A/OP : A fast and accurate operational forward radiative transfer model for the TIR and the SWIR

10:00-10:45 BREAK (incl. poster-viewing sessions 2b, 3c, 4b)

10.45-11.45 Session 5a: Surface studies (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Kathleen Strabala and Fuzhong Weng

5.01 Masahiro Kazumori Use of the Ocean Surface Wind Direction Signal in Microwave Radiance Assimilation (paper)
5.02 Louis-Francois Meunier Impact of whitecap coverage derived from a wave model on the assimilation of  radiances from microwave imagers (paper)
5.03 Louis Garand Assimilation of infrared surface sensitive channels over land and sea ice at Environment Canada
5.04 Alexander V. Polyakov Retrieval of atmospheric profiles and surface parameters from METEOR-3M IR- and MW-sounders data

11.45-12.15 Session 5a: Surface studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Kathleen Strabala and Fuzhong Weng

5p.01 withdrawn  
5p.02 Daniel Zhou Update on IASI Emissivity Atlas
5p.03 Wei Han The assimilation of surface-sensitive microwave sounder radiances over East Asia in GRAPES
5p.04 Fiona Smith
(for Stuart Newman)
Improved use of ATOVS over land
5p.05 Heather Lawrence Situation-dependent observation errors for AMSU-A tropospheric channels in the ECMWF forecasting system (paper)
5p.06 Stephen J. English Prospects for assimilating more sounder radiances over snow covered surfaces
5p.07 Wen Lu Analysis of the Third and Fourth Stokes parameters by Fully Polarimetric Microwave Radiometer Measurement over Antarctic Sea Ice
5p.08 Chunxiang Shi Status and Plans of CMA Land Data Assimilation System (CLDAS) Project
5p.09 Lipeng Jiang Assimilation of FY-3B Soil Moisture Products into Noah-MP Land Surface Model
5p.10 Szu-Chen Kuo The Response of Vertical Information Content in a 3D-Var Data Assimilation System

12.30-13.30 LUNCH

13:30-14:00 Poster-viewing session 5b

14.00-14.45 Session 6: NWP centre reports (poster introductions - 3 minutes: 1 slide) Chairs: Kozo Okamoto and Fiona Smith

NWP.1 Sangwon Joo (KMA) Current status and plan of the satellite data assimilation at Korea Meteorological Administration
NWP.2 Akira Okagaki (JMA) Recent developments in satellite data assimilation at JMA
NWP.3 Stephen English (ECMWF) Recent changes in the ECMWF NWP system
NWP.4 Chantal Cote (Environment Canada) Status of the Operational Global Deterministic Prediction System at Environment Canada
NWP.5 Roger Randriamampianina (MET Norway) Use of ATOVS and IASI radiances in the HARMONIE data assimilation



Louis-Francois Meunier Overview of the infrared radiance assimilation in the Meteo-France models/Ongoing developments on the use of microwave sounders and imagers at Meteo-France (poster a) (poster b)
NWP.7 Andrew Collard (NCEP) Progress and plans for the use of radiance data in the NCEP global and regional data assimilation systems
NWP.8 Christina Köpken-Watts (DWD) Developments in satellite data assimilation at DWD
NWP.9 William Bell (Met Office) Overview of developments in the use of sounder data at the Met Office (paper)
NWP.10 Luis Gustavo de Goncalves (CPTEC) Evaluation of the new Global 3DVar Operational System at CPTEC/INPE
NWP.11 Indira Rani (NCMWRF) Real-time use of  Atmospheric Sounding data at NCMRWF: Current and Future plans

Action Items from ITSC-18 Moderators: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

14.45-15.00 CGMS report (Mitch Goldberg)

15.00-15.30 Working group action items from ITSC-18 (15 minutes)

15.30-16.00 BREAK (incl. poster-viewing session 6)

16.00-17.00 Working group action items from ITSC-18 (15 minutes)

17.00-17.15 Technical sub-group reports and formation (5 minutes each)

17.15-17.30 Working group formation

17.30-18.30 Technical Sub-Groups

Friday 28 March 2014

08.30-10.15 Session 7a: Advanced IR: dissemination and assimilation (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Luis Gustavo de Goncalves and Andrew Collard

7.01 Marco Matricardi Direct assimilation of Principal Component data for operational Numerical Weather Prediction (paper)
7.02 Fiona Smith Improved Assimilation of Hyperspectral Sounder Reconstructed Radiances
7.03 Youngchan No IASI channel selection for the Unified Model data assimilation system
7.04 Reima Eresmaa Implications of observation error correlation on the assimilation of interferometric radiances (paper)
7.05 Stephanie Guedj An Observing System Simulation Experiment to evaluate the future benefits of MTG-IRS data in a fine-scale weather forecast model
7.06 Kenneth Holmlund Hyperspectral Infrared Sounding Missions - Future perspectives for data dissemination
7.07 Nigel Atkinson Challenges in data compression for current and future imagers and hyperspectral sounders (paper)

10.15-10:30Session 7b: Advanced IR: assimilation (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Luis Gustavo de Goncalves and Andrew Collard

7p.01 Louis Garand
(for Sylvain Heilliette)
Assimilation experiments using non-diagonal observation error covariances at Environment-Canada
7p.02 William Bell
(for Peter Weston)
Accounting for Correlated Observation Errors in the Assimilation of High Resolution Sounder Data
7p.03 William Bell
(for Peter Weston)
Assimilating IASI data into the Met Office UKV convective scale model
7p.04 Su Jin Ha IASI quality control at KIAPS and preliminary results
7p.05 Ji-Sun Kang, Byoung-Joo Jung IASI radiance data assimilation within KIAPS-LETKF system
7p.06 Akira Okagaki Assimilation of AIRS and IASI radiances at JMA global NWP system
7p.07 Jun Li
(for Jing Zheng)
Assimilation of Atmospheric Temperature and Moisture Soundings from AIRS for Hurricane Forecasts in regional NWP

10:30-11:00 BREAK (incl. poster-viewing session 7b)

11.00-12.00 Session 8a: Retrieval studies (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Bill Smith and Xu Liu

8.01 Thomas August The operational IASI L2 at EUMETSAT
8.02 Antonia Gambacorta The NOAA Operational Hyper Spectral Retrieval Algorithm: a cross-comparison among the CrIS, IASI and AIRS processing systems (paper)
8.03 Nadia Smith An Overview of the UW Hyperspectral Retrieval System for AIRS, IASI and CrIS (paper)
8.04 Xu Liu Explicit Retrieval of Cloud and Atmospheric Properties From CrIS, IASI and AIRS Hyperspectral Data

12:00-12.30Session 8b: Retrieval studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids)Chairs: Bill Smith and Xu Liu

8p.01 Tim Hultberg Use of reconstructed radiances in EUMETSAT's IASI Level 2 processor
8p.02 Thomas August
(for Xavier Calbet)
Consistency validation of GRUAN sondes and IASI radiances
8p.03 Hyun-Sung Jang Optimization of Principal Component Regression Method for Retrieving Temperature and Moisture Profiles from Infrared Hyper-Spectral Measurements over East Asia and its Use for Improving Accuracy of Physical Retrieval
8p.04 Bomin Sun Characteristics of global conventional RAOBs and their use in satellite sounding product validation : An analysis of 3-yr NPROVS collocation data
8p.05 Robert Knuteson
(for Michelle Feltz)
Using GPS Radio Occultation in the Validation of IR Temperature Sounding Profiles from CrIS, IASI, and AIRS
8p.06 Szuchia Moeller CIMSS IAPP Retrieval Software: Updates, Application and Validation
8p.07 Jacola Roman Assessing the Ability of IR Sounders in Detecting Extreme Weather Events and Predicting Extreme Floods
8p.08 Jun Li
(for Hui Liu, Chunqiang Wu)
Simulation Test of the Atmospheric Instability Indices Regression Directly with the Hyper-spectral Interferometric Atmospheric Sounder(IAS) observation of Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
8p.09 Su Leong Lee Application of Artificial Neural Network for the direct estimation of atmospheric instability from a geostationary satellite imager (paper)
8p.10 Ashim K Mitra An analysis of severe weather prediction using MODIS direct broadcast satellite data and INSAT-3D Sounder profiles receiving  real-time at IMD, New Delhi
8p.11 Chian-Yi Liu Improving the Sounding Retrievals from Synergistic Use of Hyperspectral Radiances, Surface and GNSS Radio Occultation Observations
8p.12 Jean-Claude Thelen LW and SW atmosphere and surface retrievals in Principal Component Space from IASI, ARIES and other sensors using the Havemann-Taylor Fast Radiative Transfer Code (HT-FRTC)
8p.13 Ramesh Singh Evidence of Pollutants Transport from Indian sub-continent Across Himalaya Using AIRS data

12.30-13.30 LUNCH

13.30-14.00 Poster-viewing session 8b

14.00-15.15 Session 9a: Assimilation studies: clouds (Oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Stephen English and Sangwon Joo

9.01 Stephen English
(for Alan Geer and Fabrizio Baordo)
All-sky assimilation of MHS and HIRS sounder radiances
9.02 Tom Auligne Improved Initialization and Prediction of Clouds with All-Sky Satellite Radiances
9.03 Nadia Fourrie New developments for the use of microphysical variables for the assimilation of IASI radiances in convective scale models (paper)
9.04 Will McCarty Characterizing the Impact of Hyperspectral Infrared Radiances near Clouds on a Global Atmospheric Analysis
9.05 Jun Li Handling clouds for hyperspectral infrared radiance assimilation

15.15-15.45 Session 9b: Cloud and precipitation studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs:Stephen English and Sangwon Joo

9p.01 Kozo Okamoto Two approaches of assimilation of cloud-affected infrared radiances
9p.02 Haixia Liu Efforts on variational cloud-clearing with CrIS data at NCEP
9p.03 Min-Jeong Kim Development and validation of observing-system simulation experiments for all-sky microwave radiance data assimilation at NASA GMAO
9p.04 Ji-Eun Cha Evaluation of cloud discrimination schemes for MHS brightness temperature assimilation in the KMA numerical weather prediction system
9p.05 Zhiquan Liu Assimilation of MODIS cloudy radiances with a hybrid variational-ensemble data assimilation system for convection-permitting forecast
9p.06 Sanjeev Kumar Singh Assimilation of cloud clear radiance of Megha Tropiques SAPHIR in NCMRWF GFST574L64
9p.07 Stefano Migliorini All-sky assimilation of selected water vapour infrared IASI channels at ECMWF: strategy and initial trials (paper)
9p.08 Raymond Armante Cloud properties and bulk microphysical properties of semi-transparent cirrus from IR Sounders
9p.09 withdrawn  
9p.10 Yan Wei Applications of spaceborne millimeter-wave radar data in analyzing typhoon structures in Western Pacific
9p.11 Ju-Hye Kim Roles of microphysics in cloud resolving models in passive microwave remote sensing of precipitation over ocean
9p.12 Dirceu L. Herdies Combined Scheme over the Central Andes and its Foothills

15.45-16.15 BREAK (incl. poster-viewing session 9b)

16.15-17.00 Session 10a: Assimilation studies (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Christina Köpken-Watts and Quanhua (Mark) Liu

10.01 Wei Han Constrained variational bias correction  for satellite radiance assimilation
10.02 Yanqui Zhu Variational Bias Correction in the NCEP Data Assimilation System (paper)
10.03 Anna Booton An improved bias correction for SSMIS (paper)

17.00-17.30 Session 10b: Assimilation studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Christina Köpken-Watts and Quanhua (Mark) Liu

10p.01 Anna Booton
(for Katie Lean)
Assessment of residual biases in microwave instruments: impact of improved radiative transfer modelling for lower tropospheric AMSU-A channels and development of an improved bias correction scheme for SSMIS
10p.02 Hyoung-Wook Chun IASI bias correction at KIAPS observation processing system

Christina Köpken-Watts
(for Olaf Stiller)

The role of observation and background errors for reconstructing localized features from non-local observations
10p.04 Niels Bormann Situation-dependent estimates of background errors in radiance space (paper)
10p.05 Si Shen Dimension-Reduced Projection 4DVar with Nonlinear Correction
10p.06 Bruna Barbosa Silveira Statistical Evaluation of the Microwave Sounder Radiances Assimilation into CPTEC/INPE GSI-based Global 3DVar (G3DVar)
10p.07 Sihye Lee Development of AMSU-A Pre-processing and Quality Control Modules at KIAPS Observation Processing System
10p.08 Byoung-Joo Jung Assimilation of AMSU-A radiance observations within KIAPS-LETKF system
10p.09 Quanhua Liu
(for Sid Boukabara)
Advanced techniques for satellite microwave data assimilation - Application to global and regional NWP
10p.10 Bormin Huang GPU Acceleration of the WRF Model for Time-Critical Satellite Data Assimilation Applications

17.30 Icebreak with poster-viewing of session 10b and all other poster-sessions so far

Saturday 29 March 2014

9.00-12.30 Working Groups (with break 10:15-10:45)
12.30-13.30 LUNCH
13.30-18.00 Working groups and/or Activities (details will be confirmed at meeting)

Sunday 30 March 2014

9.00-16.00 Working groups and/or Activities (details will be confirmed at meeting)
Evening Working groups finalise reports

Monday 31 March 2014

08.30-9.30 Session 11a: Assimilation studies (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: William Bell and Nadia Fourrie

11.01 Cristina Lupu The impact of satellite data within the ECMWF system
11.02 Nadia Fourrie
(for Vincent Guidard)
Using Forecast Senstivity to Observations to adapt IASI channel selection
11.03 Hyun Mee Kim Estimation of satellite observation impact to numerical weather forecast using adjoint-based method
11.04 Xiaolei Zou Satellite Radiance Assimilation in HWRF

9.30-10.00 Session 11b: Assimilation studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: William Bell and Nadia Fourrie

11p.01 Agnes Lim Calibration of the Observing Simulation System Experiment (OSSE) use to assess the Impact of Geostationary Hyperspectral Data
11p.02 Fuzhong Weng Impacts from Assimilation of Three-Orbit Satellite Radiances on Hurricane and Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
11p.03 Helena Barbieri de Azevedo Satellite radiances impact in the new operational CPTEC/INPE 3DVar system
11p.04 Eun-Jung Kim Forecast Sensitivity to satellite observations in global and East-Asia
11p.05 Stephen English
(for Tony McNally)
The Role of Satellite Data in the ECMWF Forecasts of Hurricane Sandy
11p.06 Yan Liu Role of different satellite data on the assimilation of Typhoon Fitow
11p.07 Zhenglong Li OSSE on geostationary hyperspectral infrared sounders: radiance simulation, validation and impacts on hurricane forecast
11p.08 Yu-Chi Yang Investigation of AIRS and AMSU Sounding Products in Regional Numerical Weather Simulation
11p.09 Jinlong Li Near real time regional satellite data assimilation system and initial evaluation
11p.10 Peng Zhang
(for Shuang Xi)
Cycling Assimilation of ATOVS Microwave Sounding Observations in a Tropical Cyclone Case in 2012
11p.11 Magnus Lindskog Use of SEVIRI radiances for handling of position errors in a limited-area data assimilation system
11p.12 Chien-Ben Chou The impact of assimilation of microwave radiance in HWRF on the forecast over the western Pacific Ocean (paper)
11p.13 Jung-Rim Lee The Use of COMS Clear Sky Radiance in NWP Model; CSR Product in Global Model and Clear Pixel Radiance for Local Model
11p.14 Fabio L. R. Diniz Assessing observation impacts on CPTEC/INPE G3DVAR analysis

10.00-10.45 BREAK (incl. poster-viewing session 11b)

10:45-11:45 Session 12a: Climate (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Thomas August and Thierry Phulpin

12.01 B.J. Sohn Use of long-term MSU/AMSU data to examine the weakening of Walker Circulation in CMIP5 climate simulations
12.02 Fuzhong Weng
(for Cheng-Zhi Zou)
Recalibration of Stratospheric Sounding Unit for Climate Reanalysis Applications
12.03 Gerrit Holl SPARE-ICE: synergistic IWP from passive operational sensors
12.04 Nathalie Selbach The CM SAF ATOVS tropospheric water vapour and temperature data record

11.45-11.55 Session 12b: Climate (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Thomas August and Thierry Phulpin

12p.01 Nathalie Selbach CHARMe: Characterization of Metadata to enable high-quality climate applications and services
12p.02 Nathalie Selbach Climate Data Records of the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring
12p.03 Nathalie Selbach The GEWEX water vapour assessment (G-VAP) - first results from inter-comparisons and stability analysis
12p.04 Viju John Error characterisation of SSM/T2 radiances
12p.05 Viju John Inter-calibration of METEOSAT IR and WV channels
12p.06 Pascal Brunel
(for Paul Poli)
Assessment of the Nimbus-4 IRIS dataset (1970-1971) for use in reanalysis

11:55-12:10 Session 13a: Composition (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Thomas August and Thierry Phulpin

13.01 Eric Pequignot Retrieval of atmospheric temperature, water vapour and trace gases at a vertical and horizontal kilometric resolution using an infrared tomographic imager combining nadir and limb views

12.10-12.25 Session 13b: Composition (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Thomas August and Thierry Phulpin

13p.01 Raymond Armante
(for Cyril Crevoisier)
Several decades of observation of mid-tropospheric CO2 from ATOVS, AIRS and IASI
13p.02 Raymond Armante
(for Cyril Crevoisier)
A view on mid-tropospheric CH4 in the tropics: 6 years from MetOp-A/IASI
13p.03 Rebecca Cintineo IDEA-I Air Quality Forecast Software Package: Aerosol, Ozone, and Carbon Monoxide Detection and Trajectories (paper)
13p.04 Raymond Armante
(for Virginie Capelle)
Evaluation of IASI derived dust aerosols characteristics over the topical belt
13p.05 Sang-Moo Lee Asian-dust detection over ocean from IR 11-um channel measurement
13p.06 Zhiquan Liu A Case Study on Atlantic Tropical Cyclogenesis and Saharan Air Layer Simulated Using WRF/Chem Coupled with an AOD Data Assimilation System (paper)
13p.07 Hal Bloom
(for Mark Schoeberl)
The Geostationary Remote Infrared Pollution Sounder: Measurement of the Carbon Gases from Space

12.25-13.30 LUNCH

13.30-14.00 Poster-viewing session 12b and 13b

14.00-15.15 Session 14a: Climate studies with advanced IR sounders (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Nathalie Selbach and B.J. Sohn

14.01 Thierry Phulpin A climatology of IASI radiance spectra to monitor global climate change (paper)
14.02 Raymond Armante
(for Cyril Crevoisier)

Processing of Aqua/AIRS and Metop-A/IASI to study essential climate variables

14.03 Eric J. Fetzer Variability in Eleven Years of AIRS Version 6 Observations
14.04 Robert Knuteson Stratospheric Temperature Monitoring Using a Collocated IR/GPSRO Dataset
14.05 Hank Revercomb Absolute Radiance Interferometer (ARI):  A prototype spaceflight instrument for achieving GSICS and CLARREO goals

15.15-15.20 Session 14b: Climate studies with advanced IR sounders (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Nathalie Selbach and B.J. Sohn

14p.01 Joe K. Taylor The University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center Absolute Radiance Interferometer (ARI):  Predicted and Demonstrated Radiometric Performance
14p.02 Jonathan Gero

On-Orbit Absolute Radiance Standard for the Next Generation of IR Remote Sensing Instruments

15.20-17.00 BREAK and poster-viewing session 11b, 12b, 13b, 14b

19.00 Dinner, including presentation of prizes for best oral and poster presentations

Tuesday 1 April 2014

09.00-10.15 Session 15: Working Group Reports (15 minutes) Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

10.15-10.45 BREAK

10.45-12.00 Session 15: Working Group Reports (15 minutes) Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

12.00-12.30 Session 16: Technical Sub-Group Reports (5 minutes) Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

12.30-12.45 Closing Session Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

12.45-14.00 LUNCH