Tuesday 13 April 2010

15.00-19.00 Registration

Wednesday 14 April 2010

8.00 Registration (continues to 15:00)  
8.30-9.00 Welcome Co-chairs Allen Huang, Stephen English
  An Overview Of The NRL Marine Meteorology Division Research Nancy Baker
  Local Arrangements Nancy Baker, Ben Ruston
  Review of agenda Co-chairs

Session 1: Generation and  validation of meteorological and environmental products from sounder radiances

9.15-10.19 Session 1 Oral Presentations
  Sid-Ahmed Boukabara and Jun Li
1.1 Sid-Ahmed Boukabara Variational Inversion of Hydrometeors Using Passive Microwave Sensors - Application to AMSU/MHS And SSMIS.
1.2 Jörg Ackermann Validation Aspects of Present and Future Operational Metop ATOVS/AVHRR Products.
1.3 Pradeep Thapliyal Development of an Algorithm for the Retrieval of Atmospheric Profiles from Infrared Sounder Onboard INSAT-3D.
1.4 Lydie Lavanant Towards a Better Retrieval of Fine Water Vapor Atmospheric Structures Using IASI Data.

10.20-10.45 BREAK


10:45-10:59 Session 1 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Sid-Ahmed Boukabara and Jun Li
1.5 Joao Teixeira Probing Trade-Wind Cumulus Boundary Layers with AIRS.
1.6 Lydie Lavanant Comparison of MetOp IASI Cloud Products for Cloudy Radiances Assimilation.
1.7 François Faijan Processing of IASI Cloudy Heterogeneous Scenes Using the AVHRR Radiances Analysis.
1.8 Tony Reale Demonstration Poster for the NESDIS Validation System (NPROVS).
1.9 Christopher Down The Australian Bureau of Meteorology Space-borne Infrared Sounder Validation Project.
1.10 Evan Fishbein Characterizing Sub-footprint Variability in AIRS Radiances using MODIS.
1.11 Ouahid Aznay
(for Filipe Aires)
Measurement and Exploitation of Multi-sensor and Multi-wavelength Synergy for Remote Sensing - Application to the Retrieval of Atmospheric Temperature and Water Vapour from MetOp.


11:00-11:32 Session 1 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Sid-Ahmed Boukabara and Jun Li
1.12 William Blackwell Hyperspectral Microwave Atmospheric Sounding.
1.13 Lihang Zhou NPOESS Preparatory Project Validation Program for the Atmospheric Profile Data Products.


11:32-11:46 Session 1 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Sid-Ahmed Boukabara and Jun Li
1.15 Peter Wang Assessment of Heavy Rainfall Retrieved from Microwave Instrument in Taiwan Area.
1.16 Stephen Tjemkes
(for Paolo Antonelli)
Physically Based Level 2 and 3 Products Obtained from IASI Observations Processed with UWPHYSRET.
1.17 Devendra Singh Satellite Application for Fog Detection During Day and Night Time.
1.18 Youri Plokhenko Physical Aspects of Non-Linear Analysis and Interpretation of Hyperspectral Measurements from the AIRS Radiometer.
1.19 Thomas King The NOAA Unique CrIS/ATMS Product Processing System (NUCAPS).
1.20 Brian Kahn Multi-Moment Statistics of Cloud and Moist Conserved Variables from the A-Train.
1.21 Hartmut Aumann Development of a Near Real-Time Aviation Alert System Using AIRS, Based on the Analysis of the Atmospheric Conditions at the Time of the Air France 447 Crash Using AIRS, TRMM and IASI Data.

12.00-13.00 LUNCH

13.00-13.30 BREAK

Session 1 Generation and  validation of meteorological and environmental products from sounder radiances (continued)

13:30-14:02 Session 1 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Peter Schlüssel and Jeff Puschell
1.22 Elisabeth Weisz Updates to the IMAPP AIRS Utility Software.
1.23 Bill Smith Dual EOF Regression Surface and Atmospheric Variable Specification for Initializing Atmospheric Sounding Physical Retrieval and Direct Radiance Assimilation.


14:02-14:14 Session 1 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Peter Schlüssel and Jeff Puschell
1.24 Nikita Pougatchev AIRS v. 5Temperature and Water Vapor Retrievals Characterization and Error Assessment.
1.25 Devendra Singh Status of Current and Future Satellite Program and their Use for Agriculture Application.
1.26 Awdhesh Sharma Web-based Skew-T Displays of GOES and POES Operational Atmospheric Soundings Added to the NOAA/NESDIS Operation.
1.27 Liam Gumley Pre-Launch Evaluation of NPP/NPOESS VIIRS Atmosphere Environmental Data Records.
1.28 Ashim Mitra A Neural Network Approach for Temperature Retrieval from AMSU-A Measurements Onboard NOAA-15 and NOAA-16 Satellites and a Case Study During 'Gonu' Cyclone.
1.29 Jeff Puschell Soundings with Hyperspectral VIIRS

Session 2: Atmospheric chemistry and air quality

14:14-14:20 Session 2 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Thierry Phulpin and Xu Liu
2.1 Zoltan Barcza Estimation of the Carbon Balance Components of Heterogeneous Agricultural Landscape using Tall Tower Based and Remotely Sensed Sata.
2.2 Fiona Hilton Potential for the Use of Reconstructed IASI Radiances in the Detection of Atmospheric Traces Gases.
2.3 Nicole Jacquinet
(for Sophie Peyridieu)
Dust Aerosol Optical Depth and Altitude Retrieved from 7 Years of Infrared Sounders Observations (AIRS, IASI) and Comparison with Other Aerosol Datasets (MODIS, CALIOP, PARASOL).

Session 2: Atmospheric chemistry and air quality

14:20-15:08 Session 2 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Thierry Phulpin and Xu Liu
2.4 Sergey Uspensky
(for Alexander Uspensky)
Possibilities for Retrieving the Ozone and Trace Gases from Data of Satellite IR Sounders IRFS-2 with High Spectral Resolution.
2.5 Thierry Phulpin Major Results of IASI on Atmospheric Chemistry.
2.6 Anton Kaifel First Results on Synergistic Ozone Profile Retrieval from GOME-2 and IASI Measurements with NNORSY.

15.08-15.30 BREAK

15:30-16:18 Session 2 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Thierry Phulpin and Dieter Klaes
2.7 Fred Prata Retrieval of SO2 from High Spectral Resolution Measurements: IASI and AIRS.
2.8 Wei Han The Assimilation of IASI Ozone Channels.
2.9 Hyo-Jin Han Examining Effect of Asian Dusts on the AIRS-Measured Radiances from Radiative Transfer Simulations.

Session 3: Direct Broadcast, preprocessing and calibration of sounder radiances
This session is dedicated to the memory of Hal Woolf.

16:18-17:06 Session 3 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Pascal Brunel and Liam Gumley
3.1 Steve Swadley SSMIS Radiance Assimilation and Calibration Anomaly Mitigation.
3.2 Richard Kelley Draft ITU-R Rpt : Identification of Degradation Due to Interference and Characterization of Possible Mitigation Techniques for Passive Sensors.
3.3 Lars Fiedler IASI L0/L1 NRT Monitoring at EUMETSAT: Comparison of Level 1 Products from IASI and HIRS on Metop-A.

18.00-19.00 DINNER

19.15-21.30 Poster Viewing along with Icebreaker and remembrance of Hal Woolf


19:15-20:00 Hal Woolf Memorial Session
  Chairs: Bill Smith, Paul Menzel, John Eyre, Roger Saunders, and Tom Achtor (Participating ITWG Former Co-chairs)


20:00-20:30 Session 3 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Pascal Brunel and Liam Gumley
3.4 Aniko Kern Real-time Processing of Direct Broadcast MODIS Data in Hungary.
3.5 Liam Gumley Virtual Appliance for Terra, Aqua, Metop, and POES Direct Broadcast Processing.
3.6 Kathleen Strabala IMAPP: Promoting the Knowledge and Use of Remote Sensing Data.
3.7 Ruiyue Chen Spectral and Radiometric Calibration of HIRS Using IASI on Metop Satellite.
3.8 Anna Booton AAPP Developments for Metop, NOAA-19 and NPP.
3.9 Denise Hagan Cross-Track Infrared Sounder Pre-Launch Calibration and On-Orbit Validation Plans.
3.10 Christelle Ponsard Evolution of the EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Service (EARS).
3.11 Richard Kelley Draft ITU-R Report : Passive Bands of Interest to EESS/SRS from 275 to 3,000 GHz.
3.12 Vladimir Zavyalov Using IASI Radiances to Generate Proxy Data Set to Test CrIS SDR Algorithm.
3.13 Yi Song A BUFR and GRIB Tailoring System for NPP/NPOESS Products.
3.14 Bo-Ra Kim Use of IASI Measurements to Calibrate MODIS and AMSU-B Water Vapor Channels.
3.15 Walter Wolf The Status of Hyperspectral Product Systems at STAR.
3.16 Jerome Lafeuille Status and Plans for the Global RARS Network
3.17 B.J. Sohn Use of Cloud Targets to Examine the Calibration Status of Satellite Visible Channels: Application to Meteosat-8/9 and MTSAT-1R.

20.30-21.30 Session 1, 2, 3 Poster Viewing

Thursday 15 April 2010

Session 4 Atmospheric radiative transfer

8:30-8:38 Session 4 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Paul van Delst and Marco Matricardi
4.1 Jonathan Taylor IASI 1dvar Using PC Radiative Transfer.
4.2 Paul van Delst ATMS NPP Preparation in the Community Radiative Transfer Model (CRTM): Spectral Response Function Analysis.
4.3 Allen Huang High-spectral Resolution Radiative Transfer Model Performance Comparison - CPU vs. GPU.
4.4 Nicole Jacquinet The GEISA Database 2009 Archive: An Assessment of Spectroscopic Parameters Through IASI Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Applications.


8:38-9:26 Session 4 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Paul van Delst and Marco Matricardi
4.5 Yong Han Current Status of the JCSDA Community Radiative Transfer Model(CRTM).
4.6 Roger Saunders Update on RTTOV Developments.
4.7 Stuart Newman Aircraft and Satellite Hyperspectral Measurements Investigating the Radiative Impact of Atmospheric Water Vapour. (Paper)

Session 5 Surface property modelling and sensing

9:26-10:30 Session 5 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Fred Prata and Fatima Karbou
5.1 Eva Borbas Application of the UW/CIMSS High Spectral Resolution Global IR Land Surface Emissivity Database into the RTTOV Model.
5.2 Daniel Zhou Retrieval of Hyperspectrally-resolved Surface Emissivity and Validation.
5.3 Stephanie Guedj Towards a Better Modeling of Surface Emissivity to Improve AMSU Data Assimilation over Antarctica.
5.4 Roger Saunders
(for Filipe Aires)
A Tool to Estimate Land Surface Emissivities at Microwaves Frequencies (TELSEM) for Use in Numerical Weather Prediction Schemes.

10:30-10.50 BREAK


10:50-11:10 Session 5 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Fred Prata and Fatima Karbou
5.5 Paul van Delst Implementation of a New Infrared Sea Surface Emissivity Model in the Community Radiative Transfer Model.
5.6 Stephen English Improved Use of AIRS, IASI and AMSU-A over Land.
5.7 Stuart Newman Sea Ice Emissivities and Effective Temperatures at AMSU-B Frequencies: An Analysis of Airborne Microwave Data Measured During Two Campaigns.
5.8 Fred Prata Land Surface Temperature Determination from the ATSR-Family of Instruments and the Sentinel-3 SLSTR.
5.9 Zhaohui Cheng Infrared Land Surface Emissivity Regression Retrieval Algorithm.
5.10 Stephanie Guedj Towards the Assimilation of SEVIRI Observations over Land.
5.11 Stephen English
(for Mark Liu)
An Improved Fast Microwave Sea Surface Emissivity Model, FASTEM4.
5.12 Thomas Kleespies Footprint Matching for the Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder.
5.13 Sergey Uspensky Retrieving the Atmospheric Temperature/Humidity Profiles and Temperature / Emissivity of Land Surface Using the High Spectral Resolution Data from IR Satellite Sensor IRFS-2.
5.14 Nicole Jacquinet
(for Virginie Capelle)
Infrared Continental Surface Emissivity Spectra and Skin Temperature Retrieved from IASI Observations.
13:30-14:18 Session 6 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Roger Saunders and John Bates
6.1 Paul Menzel Inferring Global Cloud Cover Properties and Trends from Thirty Years of HIRS Data. (Paper)
6.2 Antonia Gambacorta Using Hyperspectral Sounders for Climate Applications.
6.3 John Bates NOAA'S Climate Data Record Project – An Update of Status and Progress.

Action Items from ITSC-16

14:20-15:05 ITSC-16 Action items presented by ITSC-16 WG co-chairs
(15 minutes each)

Moderators: Allen Huang and Stephen English

15:05-15:30 BREAK

Technical sub-group reports (10 minutes each)

16.55-17.30 Working group formation


19:30-21:00Session 4 and 5 Poster Viewing

Friday 16 April 2010

Session 6 Climate Studies

8.30-9:50 Session 6 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Roger Saunders and John Bates
6.4 Baijun Tian Vertical Moist Thermodynamic Structure of the MJO in AIRS Observations and ECMWF Interim Reanalysis
6.5 Mitch Goldberg Using Hyperspectral Infrared Radiance Global Data Sets to Validate Weather and Climate Analyses.
6.6 Cheng-Zhi Zou An Update on the NESDIS MSU/AMSU/SSU CDR Development and its Applications.
6.7 Nathalie Courcoux CM-SAF Products from ATOVS: Six Years of Operationally Produced Data (2004-2009) and First Results from the Reprocessing of ATOVS Products (1999-2009).
6.8 Thomas Pagano Natural and Anthropogenic Variability Observed in Seven Years of Data from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS).


9:50-10:12 Session 6 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Roger Saunders and John Bates
6.9 Eric Maddy On the Temporal Stability of AIRS Temperature Retrievals: Trace Gas Initialization Effects.
6.10 Roger Saunders A Consistent Monitoring of Satellite Radiance Biases for GSICS.
6.11 Nathalie Selbach An Overview of the Operational Processing at the Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring.
6.12 Mitch Goldberg Global Space-Based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) Sensor Intercomparisons and Corrections.
6.13 Carl Mears A Monte-Carlo Approach to Estimating Uncertainty in MSU/AMSU Climate Data.
6.14 Eric Fetzer Creating Long-Term Water Vapor and Temperature Records with AIRS and other Data Sources.
6.15 Peter Thorne GCOS Reference Upper Air Network: a Status Update.
6.16 Martin Stengel The Intercomparison of IASI Water Vapour Retrieval Schemes under Climate Monitoring Aspects.
6.17 Nicole Jacquinet
(for Claudia Stubenrauch)
Global Cloud Climatologies from Satellite-based InfraRed Sounders (TOVS, AIRS and IASI).
6.18 Eui-Seok Chung The Radiative Signature of Increasing Carbon Dioxide Concentration in HIRS Measurements.
6.19 Ramesh Singh Advancing and Retreat of Himalayan Glaciers Based on the Increasing Trend of Anthropogenic Activities in the Indo-Gangetic Plains.

10.12-10.40 BREAK

Session 7 Current Use in NWP

10:40-10:56 Session 7 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: John Eyre and Steve Swadley
7.1 Kozo Okamoto Recent Developments in Satellite Data Assimilation at JMA. (Paper)
7.2 Stephen English Operational Status Report – UK Met Office.
7.3 Bjarne Amstrup Status of ATOVS Usage in the DMI-HIRLAM Operational Analyses.
7.4 Detlef Pingel Use of Satellite Radiance Data in the Global Meteorological Model of the German Weather Service (DWD). (Paper)
7.5 Chris Tingwell Operational Satellite Data Assimilation in ACCESS.
7.6 Yongsang Kim The New NWP System at KMA and its Use of Satellite Radiance Data.
7.7 Peter Bauer Status of Satellite Data Assimilation at ECMWF.
7.8 Wei Han The Use Of Satellite Data In Chinese New GFS.


10:56-12:00 Session 7 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: John Eyre and Steve Swadley
7.9 Andrew Collard An Overview of the Assimilation of IASI and AIRS Radiances at Operational NWP Centres.
7.10 Godelieve Deblonde Impact Evaluation of New Radiance Data, Reduced Thinning and Higher Analysis Resolution in the GEM Global Deterministic Prediction System.
7.11 Banghua Yan Assimilation Study of Microwave Sensor Water Vapor Sounding Channels in NCEP Global Forecast System.
7.12 Peter Bauer Impact of Increased Satellite Data Density in Areas Most Sensitive to Forecast Error Growth.

12:00-13.00 LUNCH

13:00-13:30 BREAK


13:30-13:52 Session 7 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: John Eyre and Steve Swadley
7.13 Andrew Collard Prospects for the Assimilation of Advanced Infrared Sounder Radiances over Land.
7.14 William Campbell AMSU-A Bias Correction for COAMPS/NAVDAS.
7.15 Vincent Guidard Assimilation of Satellite Data over Antarctica in the Framework of the Concordiasi Campaign.
7.16 Vincent Guidard Evaluation of IASI Inter-Channel Observation Error Covariances.
7.17 Niels Bormann Of Chessboards and Ghosts: Signatures of Micro-Vibrations in IASI Monitoring in NWP?
7.18 Niels Bormann Assimilation of NOAA-19 Data - The Pinnacle of ATOVS Data at ECMWF?
7.19 Nadia Fourrie Data Impact Experiments Using IASI Observations During the Extratropical Transitions of Huricanes Gustav, Hannah and Ike in the Atlantic.
7.20 Brett Candy Use of Variable Observation Errors in Radiance Assimilation.
7.21 Brett Candy Mesospheric Assimilation Studies with SSMIS Channels.
7.22 Roger Randriamampianina Radiance Single Observation Experiments Using Global and Regional Models. (Paper)
7.23 Roger Randriamampianina The Relative Impact of Satellite Observations in the HARMONIE/Norway Regional Model (Paper)


13:52-14:56 Session 7 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Dirceu Herdies and Kozo Okamoto
7.24 Marc Schwaerz Assimilation of IASI Radiances over Sea and Land into the Regional NWP Model COSMO-EU.
7.25 Vincent Guidard Impact of IASI Data Density in the Assimilation of a Convective-Scale Model.
7.26 Fatima Karbou Assimilation of Low Level Humidity and Temperature Observations from AMSU-A & -B over Land.
7.27 Marco Marticardi Current status of the direct assimilation of Principal Component scores in the ECMWF NWP system

15:00-15:30 BREAK


15:30-15:50 Session 7 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Dirceu Herdies and Kozo Okamoto
7.28 Dirceu Herdies Impact of TRMM Precipitation on Regional Analysis over South America.
7.29 John Le Marshall Improvements in NWP from Increased Use of the Information Content of Ultraspectral Observations.
7.30 Li Bi Impact of Satellite Surface Wind Observations on the Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts in the NRL NAVDAS/COAMPS and NRL NAVDAS-AR/NOGAPS Mesoscale and Global Data Assimilation and NWP Systems.
7.31 Stephen Macpherson Experiments with Increased Analysis Resolution and Satellite Radiance Data Volume in the GEM Global Deterministic Prediction System.
7.32 Peter Bauer Direct Assimilation of All-sky Microwave Radiances at ECMWF.
7.33 Alain Beaulne Experiments with New Data Sources in the GEM Global Deterministic Prediction System.
7.34 Fatima Karbou Impact Studies Towards the Use of SSM/I Observations over Land in the French Global Model.
7.35 Wei Han Bias Correction of Window Channels on Microwave and Infrared Sounders.
7.36 Bill Bell Plans for the Assimilation of Cloudy Infrared Radiances.
7.37 Jonathan Taylor Utilisation of IASI Data in a Cloudy Atmosphere.

16:00-18:00 Sessions 6 and 7 Poster Viewing

18:00-19:15Tom Achtor McIDAS Presentation and Demonstration

Dinner on your own

Saturday 17 April 2010

9.00-12.00 Working Groups
12.00-13.00 LUNCH
13.30 Activities
18.00 BBQ Dinner
19:30-21:00 Working groups (or as arranged by WG co-chairs)

Sunday 18 April 2010

Day Activities
16.30 Load Buses for Tour and Group dinner at Chateau Julien

Monday 19 April 2010

Session 7: Current use in NWP (continued)

8:30-10:06 Session 7 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Tom Kleespies and Fiona Hilton
7.38 Zhiquan Liu Radiance Assimilation over Northern High-Latitude Regions with the WRF Model.
7.39 John Eyre Beyond Optimal Estimation: Sensitivity of Analysis Error to the Specification of Background Error. (Paper)
7.40 Fiona Hilton The Sensitivity of the Sub-Optimal NWP Analysis System to the Representation of Hyperspectral Data.
7.41 William Campbell Vertical Covariance Localization for Satellite Radiances in Ensemble Kalman Filters.
7.42 Niels Bormann Estimates of Spatial and Inter-Channel Observation Error Characteristics for AMSU-A and IASI and Applications in the ECMWF System. (Paper)
7.43 Robert Knuteson AIRS and IASI Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) Absolute Accuracy in the Tropics, Mid-Latitudes, and Arctic.

10:06-10:30 BREAK


10:30-11:50 Session 7 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Tom Kleespies and Fiona Hilton
7.44 Bill Bell An Assessment of SSMIS Imager Data.
7.45 Jun Li Forecast of Hurricane Track and Intensity with Advanced IR Soundings.
7.46 Benjamin Ruston Interaction of GPS Radio Occultations with Hyperspectral Infrared and Microwave Sounder Assimilation.
7.47 Nadia Fourrie Impact of Advanced Sounder Cloudy Radiances in the Global Numerical Weather Prediction Arpege Model.
7.48 Sylvain Heilliette Infrared Cloudy Radiances Assimilation Experiments at Environment Canada.

12.00-13.00 LUNCH

13.00-13.30 BREAK


13:30-14:18 Session 7 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Tom Kleespies and Fiona Hilton
7.49 Stephen Mango Emerging and Evolving Opportunities for Achieving Global Soundings for NWP and Climate Using GNSS/GPS Radio Occultation Systems.
7.50 Martin Stengel Assimilation of Cloud-Affected Infrared Radiances in HIRLAM 4D-Var.
7.51 Louis Garand Validation of Cloud Parameter Forecasts Using Infrared Hyperspectral Sounders.


14:18-15:00 Session 8: Agency status report poster presentations (5 mins)
  Chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Jerome Lafeuille
8.1 Dieter Klaes EUMETSAT Plans (poster) (Paper)
8.2 Thierry Phulpin CNES Programmes For Meteorology, Climate And Atmospheric Composition
8.3 Kozo Okamoto JMA and JAXA
8.4 Sergey Uspensky Russia
8.5 Pradeep Thapliyal India
8.6 Mitch Goldberg NOAA
8.7 Jun Li China

15:00-15:30 BREAK

Session 9: Future Sounders

15:30-15:40 Session 9 Poster Presentations
  Chairs: Pete Wilczynski and Dieter Klaes
9.1 Louis Garand Continuous Imaging of the Arctic from the Polar Communications and Weather Mission.
9.2 Bill Bell Study on the Spectral and Radiometric Requirements for a European post-EPS Microwave Imaging Mission.
9.3 Stephen Tjemkes On the Apodisation of MTG-IRS.
9.4 Stephen English Evaluation of the Potential of a Geostationary IR Sounder.
9.5 Sergey Uspensky
(for Alexander Uspensky)
Development of a New Generation Meteorological Satellites Based on Polar Orbiting Platform of “METEOR-M” Series.

15.40-16.40Session 8 and 9 poster viewing

16.40-17.30Working groups finalise reports

18:30Buses leave for banquet

19:00Banquet at the Aquarium

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Session 9: Future sounders and programs

8:30-10:06 Session 9 Oral Presentations
  Chairs: Pete Wilczynski and Dieter Klaes
9.6 Sung-Yung Lee Activity of Sounder PEATE.
9.7 Peter Schlüssel Sounding Observation Missions for the Future EUMETSAT Polar System.
9.8 Bjorn Lambrigtsen Developing a Geosynchronous AMSU: A GeoSTAR Update.
9.9 Stephen Tjemkes Towards a Consolidated L2 Processor for MTG-IRS.
9.10 Vincent Leslie Development and Predicted Performance of the Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder for the NPOESS Preparatory Project.
9.11 Peter Wilczynski Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) Data Recovery by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – An International Partnership to Capture Critical Operational and Climate Environmental Data Records from Space.

10:06-10.25 BREAK


Working Group Reports
  Co-chairs: Allen Huang and Stephen English


Future meetings, other events relevant to ITWG
Closing remarks
  Co-chairs: Allen Huang and Stephen English

12.15-13.00 LUNCH