ITSC-16 Addendum (PDF)

Session 5: Climate Studies
5.1 Viju John Upper tropospheric humidity data set from operational microwave sounders (Abstract only)
5.2 Peter Thorne What can the GCOS Reference Upper Air Network do for you?
5.3 Lei Shi Intersatellite Calibrated HIRS Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor
5.4 Marc Schröder Long-term application and evaluation of IAPP using global radiosonde and CHAMP (Abstract only)
5.5 Bjorn Lambrigtsen AIRS in Atmospheric and Climate Research (Abstract only)
5.6 Hartmut H. Aumann The Frequency of Severe Storms in the Tropical Zone and Global Warming
5.7 Jörg Schulz Status of NPOESS climate instruments remanifest

Session 6: Current use in NWP
6.1 John Derber Current status: a summary of the NWP survey (10 minutes)
6.2 John Derber NCEP: Progress and Plans for the use of radiance data in the NCEP global and regional data assimilation systems (Abstract only)
6.3 Niels Bormann ECMWF: The Use of satellite data at ECMWF
6.4 Nancy Baker NRL status report
6.5 Brett Candy Met Office: An Update on the Operational Use of Satellite Sounding Data at the Met Office (Abstract only)
6.6 Florence Rabier MeteoFrance: Recent advances in the use of satellite data in the French NWP models (Abstract only)
6.7 Nicolas Wagneur Inclusion of new data types in the Canadian data assimilation system (Abstract only)
6.8 Qifeng Lu CMA/NSMC Satellite Data Assimilation Activities: Uses of ATOVS and Fengyun VASS Data in WRF
6.9 Kozo Okamoto JMA: Assimilation of radiance data at JMA: recent developments and prospective plans
6.10 Zhiquan Liu WRF: Direct Radiance Assimilation for WRF: Implementation and Initial Results (Abstract only)
6.11 Martin Stengel HIRLAM (SMHI): The Assimilation of Clear-Sky Infrared Radiances in the HIRLAM Model (Abstract only)
6.12 Jose Antônio Aravéquia Assimilation of AIRS radiances at CPTEC/INPE using the LETKF system
6.13 Roger Randriamampianina Use of satellite data in ALADIN/HARMONIE-Norway

Session 11: Agency status Report
11.1 John Eyre Evolution of the Global Observing System (Abstract only)
11.2 David Griersmith Status report on the Global RARS initiative (Abstract only)
11.3 Dieter Klaes EUMETSAT
11.4 Hal Bloom NOAA
11.5 Gang Ma China
11.6 Alexander Uspensky Russia
11.7 Devendra Singh India
11.8 Kozo Okamoto JMA and JAXA (Abstract only)
11.9 Luiz Augusto Brazilian Earth Observations Satellites

Poster Session A:
ID Name Title
A01 Fuzhong Weng Radiative transfer in vertically statified soil and vegetation boundary (Abstract only)
A02 Stephen Tjemkes A clear sky radiative transfer model for MTG-IRS (Abstract only)
A03 Stephen Tjemkes Scenes Analysis for the Meteosat Third Generation Infrared Sounder Observations (Abstract only)
A04 Fiona Hilton Comparison of IASI radiances with models from seven operational centres (Abstract only)
A05 Allen Larar IASI Validation Studies using Airborne Field Campaign Data (Abstract only)
A06 Stuart Newman Identification of biases in the modelling of high peaking water vapour channels from IASI
A07 Simone Costa The water vapor continuum effect on the surface transmitted irradiance at 8 – 12 mu m atmospheric window (Abstract only)
A08 Yong Han The effect of Doppler shift due to Earth’s spin on SSMIS UAS channels
A09 Yong Han A fast radiative transfer model for AMSU-A channel 14 with the inclusion of the Zeeman-splitting effect
A10 Pascal Brunel A graphical user interface for RTTOV (Abstract only)
A11 Laure Chaumat 4A/OP: An operational fast and accurate radiative transfer model for the infrared (Abstract only)
A12 Xiaoqing Li Forward Simulation for FY-3 MWHS using RTTOV-7 (Abstract only)
A13 Fanny Duffourg Convective-scale data assimilation of satellite infrared radiances over the Mediterranean: adaptation of the observation operator to the high-resolution
A14 Stephen English Potential enhancement of AMSU-A/MHS/ATMS baseline microwave humidity and temperature sounders
A15 Stephen English A Randomisation Method to quantify the B-matrix for 1D-var
A16 Steve Swadley SSMIS Upper Atmosphere Radiance Assimilation: Preprocessing Requirements and Preliminary Results (Abstract only)
A17 Bill Bell The radiometric requirements for a post-EPS Microwave Sounder
A18 Carlos Bastarz Evaluating the impact of the geopotential height profile data assimilation deriving from the AIRS/AQUA sensor by the CPTEC's RPSAS assimilation model (Abstract only)
A19 Jairo Gomes Jr Impact of ATOVS geopotential heights retrievals over analyses generated by RPSAS
A20 Roger Randriamampianina Investigating the assimilation of IASI data in a limited area model (Abstract only)
A21 Brett Candy Use of Regional Retransmission Networks in Global Data Assimilation
A22 Aurélie Bouchard Satellite Data Assimilation over Antarctica: The Concordiasi Field Experiment
A23 Yann Michel Case studies of 4D-Var assimilation of potential vorticity observations derived from image processing (Abstract only)
A24 James Cameron Impact of variable O3 and CO2 on assimilation of high spectral resolution sounder data (Abstract only)
A25 Luiz Sapucci Impact analysis of assimilation of integrated water vapor estimates from AIRS/AMSU over Amazonian region (Abstract only)
A26 Blazej Krzeminski Towards better usage of AMSU observations over land at ECMWF
A27 Rita Valéria Andreoli The relative contributions of the various observing systems in the CPTEC global data assimilation/forecast system (Abstract only)
A28 Thomas Pangaud Assimilation of cloudy AIRS observations in the French global atmospheric model ARPEGE
A29 Qifeng Lu Data assimilation and use of EOS data in land surface model (Abstract only)
A30 Ricardo Todling The GMAO 4d-Var System (Abstract only)
A31 Nancy Baker NRL:Implementing Radiance Assimilation in NAVDAS-AR:lessons Learned (Abstract only)
A32 Michael Uddstrom Environmental Forecasting at NIWA:A Progress Report (Abstract only)


Poster Session B:

B01 Paolo Antonelli Fostering a new generation of Remote Sensing Scientists (Abstract only)
B02 Allen Huang Processing Package and Remote Sensing Training Workshops for International Direct Broadcast Users (Abstract only)
B03 Thierry Phulpin Report on the first International IASI Conference (Abstract only)
B04 Pascal Prunet Synergy between IASI sounding and AVHRR imagery for the processing of IASI data in non-uniform scenes (Abstract only)
B05 David Tobin Validation of IASI spectral radiances using aircraft underflight data collected during JAIVEx (Abstract only)
B06 David Tobin Principle component analysis of IASI spectra with a focus on non-uniform scene effects on the ILS (Abstract only)
B07 David Tobin Evaluation of IASI and AIRS spectral radiances using Simultaneous Nadir Overpasses (Abstract only)
B08 Zhaohui Cheng The use of principal component analysis in monitoring IASI radiances and diagnosing climate anomaly (Abstract only)
B09 Nathalie Selbach Operational Processing of ATOVS data at the Satellite Application Facility on Climate monitoring (Abstract only)
B10 Raymond Armante Validation of level1b/1c LEO instruments in synergy with LEO/GEO companion instruments or in stand alone mode: Application to AIRS/Aqua, IIR/Calipso, IASI/Metop (Abstract only)
B11 Claudia Stubenrauch Cloud properties from AIRS and evaluation with Calipso (Abstract only)
B12 Cyril Crevoisier A quantitative link between CO2 emissions from tropical vegetation fires and the daily tropospheric excess (DTE) of CO2 seen by NOAA-10 (1987-1991) (Abstract only)
B13 Clemence Pierangelo SIFTI : A Static Infrared Fourier Transform Interferometer dedicated to ozone and CO pollution monitoring
B14 Alexander Uspensky Derivation of tropospheric carbon dioxide and methane concentrations in the boreal zone from satellite-based hyper-spectral infrared sounders data
B15 Devendra Singh Total ozone depletion due to tropical cyclones over Indian Ocean (Abstract only)
B16 Bozena Lapeta From TOVS to ATOVS based ozone monitoring – implication for the quality and homogeneity
B17 Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de Souza Preliminary comparisons between the CO retrievals from AIRS and the CO CATT-BRAMS model estimations over the Amazon region during the 2002 dry-to-wet season (Abstract only)
B18 Yi Chang Multi-satellite observation on upwelling after the passage of typhoon Hai-Tang in the southern East China Sea (Abstract only)
B19 Filipe Aires Retrieval of atmospheric water vapour profile using the Megha-Tropiques (Abstract only)
B20 Wagner Lima The use of HSB to derive the integrated water vapor content: an example using the RACCI/LBA experiment (Abstract only)
B21 R. Vincent Leslie High-Resolution Passive Millimeter-wave Measurements from Aircraft: Validation of Satellite Observations and Radiative Transfer Modeling (Abstract only)
B22 Dieter Klaes Synergetic Operational Earth observations with Metop-A instruments (Abstract only)
B23 Gary Weymouth Australian Bureau of Meteorology Satellite Data Exchange and Use (Abstract only)
B24 Simon Elliot Operational dissemintaion of IASI data using principle componant compression (Abstract only)
B25 A. K. Sharma NOAA/NESDIS Updates on Operational Sounding Data Products and Services (Abstract only)
B26 Limin Zhao Operational Implementation of Integrated Microwave Retrieval System (Abstract only)
B27 Lihang Zhou Enhancements of the AIRS Eigenvector Regression Algorithm (Abstract only)
B28 Sid Boukabara Global Coverage of Total Precipitable Water using the Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MIRS) (Abstract only)
B29 Haibing Sun CrIS Radiance Simulations in Preparation for Near Real-Time Data Distribution (Abstract only)
B30 Tom Kleespies Serendipitious Characterization of the Microwave Sounding Unit during an Accidental Spacecraft Tumble
B31 Bjorn Lambrigtsen A Geostationary Microwave Sounder for NASA and NOAA
B32 Louis Garand A Canadian satellite mission for continous imaging of the northern latitudes (Abstract only)
B33 Tom Achtor Examining the mid winter severe weather outbreak of 7 January 2008 using high resolution data with McIDAS-V (Abstract only)
B34 Norman Grant Sub-mm Wave Micromachined Free-Standing Frequency Selective Surfaces (Abstract only)