ITSC-XVI Proceedings
Angra dos Reis, Brazil
7-13 May 2008

Author Index

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ITSC-16 Addendum (PDF)

Achtor, Tom

Aires, Filipe (Abstract only)
Andreoli, Rita Valéria (Abstract only)
Antonelli, Paolo Armante, Raymond (Abstract only)
Arriaga, Arlindo (Abstract only)
Atkinson, Nigel
Aumann, Hartmut H.
Baker, Nancy (Abstract only)
Bastarz, Carlos (Abstract only)
Bell, Bill
Blackwell, William (Abstract only)
Blumstein, Denis (Abstract only)
Borbas, Eva (Abstract only)
Bormann, Niels
Bouchard, Aurélie
Boukabara, Sid Brunel, Pascal
Cameron, James (Abstract only)
Candy, Brett Chang, Yi (Abstract only)
Chaumat, Laure Cheng, Zhaohui (Abstract only)
Chengli, Qi (Abstract only)
Clerbaux, Cathy (Abstract only)
Collard, Andrew
Costa, Simone (Abstract only)
Crevoisier, Cyril Derber, John (Abstract only)
Dong, Peiming
Duffourg, Fanny
Elliot, Simon (Abstract only)
Eyre, John (Abstract only)
Fiedler, Lars (Abstract only)
Garand, Louis Grant, Norman (Abstract only)
Griersmith, David (Abstract only)
Gomes Jr, Jairo
Gumley, Liam (Abstract only)
Han, Yong Harris, Brett
Hilton, Fiona Huang, Allen (Abstract only)
Huang, Bormin (Abstract only)
Jacquinet-Husson, Nicole (Abstract only)
John, Viju (Abstract only)
Kaifel, Anton (Abstract only)
Kelley, Richard
Kim, Min-Jeong
Klaes, Dieter Kleespies, Tom Krzeminski, Blazej
Leslie, R. Vincent (Abstract only)
Lambrigtsen, Bjorn
Lapeta, Bozena
Larar, Allen (Abstract only)
Lavanant, Lydie (Abstract only)
Le Marshall, John
Li, Jun (Abstract only)
Li, Xiaoqing (Abstract only)
Lima, Wagner (Abstract only)
Lipton, Alan (Abstract only)
Liu, Xu (Abstract only)
Liu, Zhiquan (Abstract only)
Lu, Qifeng

Ma, Gang (Abstract only)
Mango, Stephen (Abstract only)
Matricardi, Marco
Michel, Yann (Abstract only)
Montroty, Remi (Abstract only)
Newman, Stuart

Okamoto, Kozo Overton, John (Abstract only)
Pangaud, Thomas
Pequignot, Eric (Abstract only)
Peyridieu, Sophie (Abstract only)
Phulpin, Thierry (Abstract only)
Pierangelo, Clemence
Pla, Jean
Pougatchev, Nikita (Abstract only)
Prunet, Pascal (Abstract only)
Rabier, Florence (Abstract only)
Randriamampianina, Roger (Abstract only)
Reale, Tony (Abstract only)
Romano, Filomena
Ruston, Benjamin (Abstract only)
Sapucci, Luiz (Abstract only)
Saunders, Roger
Schluessel, Peter (Abstract only)
Schröder, Marc (Abstract only)
Schwaerz, Marc
Selbach, Nathalie (Abstract only)
Sharma, A. K. (Abstract only)
Shi, Lei
Singh, Devendra
Singh, Ramesh (Abstract only)
Smith, William
Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de (Abstract only)
Stengel, Martin

Strabala, Kathleen (Abstract only)
Swadley, Steve Stubenrauch, Claudia (Abstract only)
Sun, Haibing (Abstract only)
Sun, Ninghai
Taylor, Jonathan (Abstract only)
Tjemkes, Stephen Tobin, David Todling, Ricardo (Abstract only)
Uddstrom, Michael (Abstract only)
Uspensky, Alexander
Van Delst, Paul (Abstract only)
Wagneur, Nicolas (Abstract only)
Weng, Fuzhong (Abstract only)
Weymouth, Gary (Abstract only)
Wilczynski, Peter (Abstract only)
Yan, Banghua (Abstract only)
Zhang, Jie (Abstract only)
Zhao, Limin (Abstract only)
Zhou, Daniel (Abstract only)
Zhou, Lihang (Abstract only)