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Maratea, Italy
4-10 October 2006

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Wednesday 4 October 2006
8:30-9:00 Welcome Co-Chairs Tom Achtor, Roger Saunders
Vincenzo Cuomo, IMAA
Paolo Pagano, Italian Meteorological Service

Local Arrangements Filomena Romano

IRC Science Council Briefing Tom Achtor

Review Agenda/Key Issues Co-Chairs
Session 1: Radiative Transfer (Chair: Stephen Tjemkes)
1.1 Marco Matricardi Recent advances in the science of RTTOV
1.2 Fuzhong Weng Advances in Radiative Transfer Modeling in Support of Satellite Data Assimilation
1.3 Raymond Armante Recent Validations of infrared and microwave forward models at LMD
1.4 Roger Saunders A Comparison of AIRS Radiative Transfer models
10:00-10:30 BREAK

Session 1: Radiative Transfer (continued)

1.5 Carmine Serio Validation of the forward/inverse physical scheme φ-IASI with NAST-I and IMG data
1.6 Fuzhong Weng
(for Yong Han)
A Fast Radiative Transfer Model for SSMIS Upper-air Sounding Channels Affected by Zeeman Splitting and Its Application for Temperature Retrieval
1.7 Ed Westwater Clear-Air Forward Microwave and Millimeterwave Radiative Transfer Models for Arctic Conditions
1.8 Nicole Jacquinet GEISA/IASI-03: Data Quality Evaluation Through Comparisons with other Public Database Archives
Session 2: Surface Studies (Chair: Ben Ruston)
2.1 Eric Pequignot Infrared continental surface emissivity spectra retrieved from hyperspectral sensors. Application to AIRS observations
2.2 Allen Huang
(for Robert Knuteson)
Land Surface Temperature and Infrared Emissivity at High Latitudes from Advanced Infrared Sounder Observations
12:00-13:30 Lunch (Plus Poster Session Preparation)
Session 3: Cloud Studies (Chair: Claudia Stubenrauch)
3.1 Allen Huang
(for Hong Zhang)
Global Analysis and Characterization of AIRS/MODIS Cloud-Clearing
3.2 Filomena Romano Analysis of day- and night-time Arctic clouds by means of hyperspectral infrared and ground-based observations

Session 4: Climate Studies (Chair: Vincenzo Cuomo)
4.1 John Bates NOAA’s archive, access, and assessment of satellite data for climate applications
4.2 Masami Sakamoto A follow-up study of the TOVS application for the Japanese Climatic Reanalysis: JRA-25

14:30-15:00 BREAK

Session 4: Climate Studies (continued)

4.3 Mark McCarthy Met Office plans for the development of a climate data record from HIRS and IASI
4.4 Claudia Stubenrauch Assessment of global cloud climatologies from satellite observations
4.5 Tony Reale Vicarious Satellite Monitoring / Validation and Pending Reference Networks
4.6 Cheng-Zhi Zou Recalibration of Microwave Sounding Unit for Climate Studies Using Simultaneous Nadir Overpasses

17:00-18:30 Poster Session A 

18:30 Icebreaker

Thursday 5 October 2006

Session 5: Guy Rochard Session on DB Software, Education, and MW Frequency Protection (Chair: Roger Saunders)
5.1 Nigel Atkinson AAPP status report and experiences with processing METOP data
5.2 Allen Huang Status Update of IMAPP and IPOPP – The End-to-End Processing Package for EOS and future Polar Orbiting Satellite Systems
5.3 Frode Dinessen Integration of 3party processing packages in a satellite reception system
5.4 Jean Pla Passive Microwave Protection: Impact of Active Services on Satellite Passive Observations
5.5 Paolo Antonelli Fostering a new generation of Remote Sensing Scientists

9:45-10:15 BREAK

Session 6: Climate Applications (Chair: Allen Huang)

6.1 Tom Kleespies Results from the NOAA-14 Microwave Sounding Unit Pitch Test
6.2 Banghua Yan Recalibration of SSM/I/S for Weather and Climate Studies
6.3 Bjorn Lambrigtsen
(for Hartmut Aumann)
AIRS observations of Dome Concordia in Antarctica and comparison with Automated Weather Stations (AWS) during 2005
6.4 Allen Larar Satellite Infrared Radiance Validation Using the NAST-Interferometer
6.5 Dong Chaohua Plan of Calibration and Validation of FY-3 Instruments and Products

11:30-13:00 Lunch (Plus poster session preparation)

13:00-14:30 Poster Session B

14:30-16:45 ITSC-14 Action Items presented by ITSC-14 WG Chairs
  • Radiative Transfer and Surface Property Modeling (Louis Garand)
    • 1st Workshop on Remote Sensing and Modeling of Surface Properties (Ben Ruston)
  • ATOVS/TOVS in Climate Studies (John Bates)
  • ATOVS/TOVS in NWP (Steve English)
  • Advanced Infrared Sounders (Allen Huang)
  • International Issues and Future Systems (Tom Achtor and Roger Saunders)
  • Satellite Sounder Science and Products (Tony Reale)

Technical Sub-Group Reports

  • ATOVS DB Packages (IAPP, AAPP)
  • Update on Radiative Transfer Packages (RTTOV, CRTM)
  • Frequency Protection
Moderators: Tom Achtor/
Roger Saunders
16:45-17:00 Working Group Formation Chairs: Roger Saunders/
Tom Achtor
Evening free (Bus available to go to Maratea)
Friday 6 October 2006

Session 7: Operational Use of ATOVS (Chair: Niels Bormann)

7.1 Nancy Baker Satellite Assimilation Activities for the NRL Atmospheric Variational Data Assimilation (NAVDAS) and NAVDAS-AR (Accelerated Representer) Systems
7.2 Benjamin Ruston Assimilation of AIRS data at NRL
7.3 Tony McNally The assimilation of satellite data at ECMWF: Operational status and research plans
7.4 Kozo Okamoto Use of satellite radiances in the global assimilation system at JMA
7.5 Antonio Vocino Assimilation of ATOVS retrievals and AMSU-A radiances at the Italian Weather Service: current status and perspectives
7.6 Louis Garand Operational implementation of AIRS and SSM/I assimilation at MSC
10:00-10:30 BREAK

Session 7 (continued)

7.7 Brett Candy Current and Future Use of Microwave Sounding Data in the Met Office Global NWP Model
7.8 Fiona Hilton Current status and future plans for the use of AIRS and IASI data at the Met Office
Session 8: Developments in use of ATOVS in NWP (Chair: Steve English)
8.1 Graeme Kelly The relative contributions of the various space observing systems to the ECMWF forecast system
8.2 Chris Tingwell Assimilation of Level-1D ATOVS Radiances in Australian Regional and Mesoscale Data Assimilation and Prediction Systems
8.3 Thomas Auligne Bias correction of satellite radiances at ECMWF
8.4 William Campbell Pre-operational testing and results from direct assimilation of the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Special Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder (SSMIS)
8.5 Niels Bormann Assimilation and monitoring of SSMIS, AMSR-E, and TMI data at ECMWF
8.6 Jishan Xue
(for Wei Han)
Bias Correction of AMSU in GRAPES Global and Regional Models
12:30-14:00 Lunch

Session 8: (continued)

8.7 Roger Randriamampianina Estimation of satellite observations bias correction for limited area models
8.8 Godelieve Deblonde One-dimensional variational assimilation of SSM/I observations in Rainy Atmospheres at MSC
8.9 Nadia Fourrie Towards assimilation of cloudy radiances
8.10 John Le Marshall The use of hyperspectral infrared radiances in numerical weather prediction
8.11 Andrew Collard The use of AIRS Reconstructed Radiances in NWP and Preparations for IASI

15:15-15:45 BREAK

Session 9: International Issues (Chair: Carmine Serio)

9.1 Luigi De Leonibus The EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on support to Operational Hydrology and Water Management (H-SAF)
9.2 Jian Liu Space based Global Observing System Requirements for Satellite Sounders
9.3 Mitch Goldberg Global Space-based InterCalibration System (GSICS)
9.4 Marie DuMont The global regional ATOVS Retransmission Service Network

Evening free (Bus available to go to Sapri)


Saturday 7 October 2006

Working Groups
9am-11am (or as arranged by WG Chairs)

2pm Depart for Coach tour of local area
Group Dinner in Castle (at end of tour)

Sunday 8 October 2006

Optional tours

Working Groups
6-8pm (or as arranged by WG Chairs)

Monday 9 October 2006

Session 10: Agency Status Reports (Chair: Dong Chaohua)
10.1 Peter Schlüssel for Dieter Klaes EUMETSAT Plans
10.2 Mitch Goldberg NOAA Report
10.3 Dong Chaohua China
10.4 Alexander Uspensky Russia
10.5 Devendra Singh India
10.6 Kozo Okamoto Japan

Session 11: Products from ATOVS (Chair: Bill Smith)
11.1 Devendra Singh Validation and inter comparisons of profiles from ATOVS and AIRS data over India and it surrounding regions
11.2 Tony Reale
(for A. K. Sharma)
Updates on Operational Processing for NOAA/NESDIS Sounding Data Products and Services

10:00-10:30 BREAK

Session 11: Products from ATOVS (continued)

11.3 Nikita Pougatchev Assessment of Atmospheric Profile Retrieved from Satellite: Theory and Case Study
11.4 Anton Kaifel Neural Network based Ozone Profile Retrieval Using Combined UV/VIS and IR Satellite Data
11.5 Alexander Uspensky Retrieval of Atmospheric Trace Gases Variability with Satellite Advanced IR sounders
11.6 Sid Ahmed Boukabara Introducing NOAA’s Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MIRS)
11.7 Silvia Puca Refinement and operation implemetation of a rain rate algorithm based AMSU/MHS and raingauges data over the H-SAF
11.8 Bormin Huang Linear form of the radiative transfer equation revisited
11.9 Yves Rochon Jacobian mapping between vertical coordinate systems in variational assimilation
11.10 Ralf Bennartz Progress in modeling efforts related to radiance assimilation of clouds and precipitation

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Session 12: METOP Development (Chair: Peter Schlüssel)

12.1 Denis Blumstein IASI in-flight calibration and preliminary results
12.2 Thierry Phulpin Use of IASI data for tropospheric trace gas retrieval
12.3 Thomas King Development of the IASI Near Real-Time Operational Product Processing System

Session 13: Future Sensors (Chair: Mitch Goldberg)
13.1 Peter Wilczynski NPOESS - A Restructured Program
13.2 Hal Bloom Recent Updates to the NPOESS Space Segment and Sensor Manifest

15:15-15:45 BREAK

Session 13: Future Sensors (continued)

13.3 Bill Smith GIFTS
13.4 Jun Li GOES Infrared Sounders – the future perspective from the current applications
13.5 Ed Westwater
(for Al Gasiewski)
Geostationary Passive Microwave Observation System Simulation Experiments for Hydrometric Tracking
13.6 Bjorn Lambrigtsen GeoSTAR
16:45-19:00 BREAK (Working Group Meetings to finish reports if needed)

19:30 Conference Banquet (Drinks in the bar, 8pm dinner in the restaurant upstairs)


Tuesday 10 October 2006

8:30-9:30 Working Group Reports and actions summary
  • Radiative Transfer and Surface Property Modeling
  • ATOVS/TOVS in Climate Studies
9:30-10:00 BREAK  
10:00-11:00 Working Group Reports and actions summary (continued)
  • Advanced Infrared Sounders
  • International Issues and Future Systems
  • Satellite Sounder Science and Products
11:00-12:00 Future meetings, election, and other events relevant to ITWG
Plans for next ITSC meeting and closing remarks
Co-Chairs Tom Achtor,
Roger Saunders
12:00-13:00 Lunch