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29 October 2003 - 4 November 2003

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Updated 1 December 2003
PDF of All Available Abstracts (updated 23 Oct 2003)

Wednesday 29 October 2003
8:00 Registration (continues until 15:00)
9:00-9:30Welcome Co-Chairs Tom Achtor, Roger Saunders
Dave Steenbergen

Local Arrangements Louis Garand

Review Agenda
Session 1: Operational Use of ATOVS (Chair: Bill Smith)
1.1 Clement Chouinard The assimilation of AMSU-B radiance data in the Canadian Meteorological Centre global data assimilation system; their difficulties relative to the assimilation of AMSU-A radiances
1.2 Stephen English Current status and future plans for assimilation of passive microwave measurements at the Met Office
1.3 Graeme Kelly Use of satellite radiances in the operational ECMWF system
1.4 Elisabeth Gerard Use of ATOVS raw radiances in the operational assimilation system at Météo-France
10:30-11:00 BREAK

Session 1: Operational Use of ATOVS (Chair: Clement Chouinard)

1.5 Jishan Xue Development of 3D Variational Assimilation System for ATOVS Data in China
1.6 Masahiro Kazumori Operational use of the ATOVS radiances in global data assimilation at the JMA
1.7 Christopher Tingwell Locally Received and Processed ATOVS Radiances in the Australian Region LAPS Data Assimilation and Prediction System
1.8 John Derber Enhanced use of radiance data in NCEP data assimilation systems
1.9 Devendra Singh Recent Improvements in Temperature and Moisture Profiles Using NOAA Satellites AMSU Data and Their Impact on NWP Model Over Indian Ocean
1.10 Louis Garand Dynamic inference of background error correlation between surface skin and air temperature
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Session 2: New Applications for NWP (Chair: Stephen English)
2.1 Thomas Auligne First results of the assimilation of AIRS data in METEO-FRANCE NWP model
2.2 Tony McNally The assimilation of AIRS radiance data at ECMWF
2.3 Andrew Collard Assimilation of AIRS radiances into the Met Office's Global NWP Model
2.4 Brett Harris A Model Based Bias Correction Scheme for AIRS at the Met Office
2.5 Lydie Lavanant Use of MODIS imager data to help dealing with AIRS cloudy radiances
2.6 Zhiquan Liu Potential of high density observations on Numerical Weather Prediction: A study with simulated observations
15:30-16:00 BREAK

Session 2: New Applications for NWP (Chair: Tony McNally)

2.7 Steve English
(for Brett Candy)
The Use of AMSU data in the Met Office Mesoscale Model
2.8 Vanessa Sherlock Use and impact of satellite data in the NZLAM-VAR mesoscale model (PDF)
2.9 Al Gasiewski Prospects for All-Weather Microwave Radiance Assimilation
2.10 Mitch Goldberg
(for John Bates)
NOAA's Satellite and Information Stewardship Program and Plans

17:00-18:00 BREAK 

18:00 Icebreaker

Thursday 30 October 2003

Session 2: New Applications for NWP (Chair Godelieve Deblonde)
2.11 Chris O'Dell
(for Ralf Bennartz)
Fast passive microwave radiative transfer in precipitating clouds: Towards direct radiance assimilation
2.12 Tony McNally
(for Frédéric Chevallier)
Variational Cloud and Rainfall Data Assimilation at ECMWF
2.13 Michèle Vesperini Contribution of POLDER to water vapour observation
2.14 Herschel L. Mitchell Assimilation of AMSU-A Microwave Radiances with an Ensemble Kalman Filter
2.15 Ma Gang A Research of Four-dimension Variational Data Assimilation with ATOVS Clear Data
2.16 Thibaut Montmerle Impact of the assimilation of MSG/SEVIRI radiances in a mesoscale NWP model
2.17 Roger Randriamampianina Impact of the ATOVS data on the Mesoscale ALADIN/HU Model
10:15-10:45 BREAK

Session 3: Instrument Studies (Chair: Dieter Klaes)

3.1 Thomas Kleespies Preparations for NOAA N
3.2 Pubu Ciren
(for Changyong Cao)
Operational High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder Calibration Algorithms and Their Effects on Calibration Accuracy
Session 4: Radiative Transfer and Surface Modeling (Chair: Larrabee Strow)
4.1 Roger Saunders Status of RTTOV-7 and plans for RTTOV-8
4.2 John Derber
(for Paul van Delst)
NCEP infrared sea surface emissivity model
4.3 Fuzhong Weng A New Microwave Snow Emissivity Model
4.4 Nicole Jacquinet-Husson The 2003 Edition of the GEISA spectroscopic database system for the second generation vertical sounders radiance simulation
12:15-13:45 Lunch (Plus poster session preparation)

Session 4: Radiative Transfer and Surface Modeling (Chair: Tom Kleespies)

4.5 David Shawn Turner An Alternate Approach to Modelling the Reflected Downward Flux Term
4.6 Jean-Luc Moncet Infrared radiative transfer modeling using the Optimal Spectral Sampling (OSS) method
4.7 Malgorzata Szczech-Gajewska Spectral surface emissivity for use in assimilation of IR radiance data over land
4.8 L. Larrabee Strow Atmospheric Spectroscopy with AIRS: Validation of the AIRS Forward Model
4.9 Robert Knuteson Validation of Satellite AIRS LST/LSE Products Using Aircraft Observations
4.10 Larry McMillin Advances in the Use of Super Channels for Processing High Spectral Resolution Satellite Measurements
4.11 Marco Matricardi IASI-4 - An improved version of the ECMWF fast radiative transfer model for the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
15:30-16:00 BREAK  
16:00-17:00 ITSC-12 Action Items presented by WG Chairs Moderators: Tom Achtor/
Roger Saunders
17:00-17:15 Working Group Formation
  • Radiative Transfer and Surface Property Modeling
  • ATOVS/TOVS in Climate Studies
  • Advanced Infrared Sounders
  • International Issues and Future Systems
  • Satellite Sounder Science and Products
Chairs: Roger Saunders/
Tom Achtor
17:15-18:00 BREAK
18:00-19:30 Poster Session A
Friday 31 October 2003

Session 5: Retrieval of Atmospheric Parameters (Chair: Allen Huang)

5.1 David Anselmo Comparison of the CMC analyzed fields of Integrated Water Vapour with those retrieved from SSM/I
5.2 Kung-Hwa (Peter) Wang The AMSU Observation Bias Correction and its Application on 1-Dvar Retrieval Scheme and Typhoon Monitoring
5.3 George Aumann
(for Thomas S. Pagano)
Level 1B Products from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) on the EOS Aqua Spacecraft
5.4 Sung-Yung Lee AIRS Retrieval System
5.5 Mitch Goldberg Atmospheric Soundings of Temperature, Moisture and Ozone from AIRS
5.6 Elisabeth Weisz AIRS Real-Time Sounding Profile Retrieval for IMAPP (International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package) Users
5.7 John Blaisdell Current Results from AIRS/AMSU/HSB
5.8 Soumia Serrar First global measurement of mid-tropospheric CO2 from NOAA polar satellites: The tropical zone
10:30-11:00 BREAK

Session 5: Retrieval of Atmospheric Parameters (Chair: Guy Rochard)

5.9 Cyril Crevoisier Mid-tropospheric CO2 retrieval in the tropical zone from AIRS observations
5.10 Bjorn Lambrigsten
(for Eric J. Fetzer)
Validation of AIRS Retrievals
5.11 Hank Revercomb Validation of Atmospheric InfraRed Sounder (AIRS) Spectral Radiances with the Scanning High-resolution Interferometer Sounder (S-HIS) aircraft instrument

Allen Larar

Validation Studies Using NAST-Interferometer Field Measurements


Paolo Antonelli

Validation and Comparison of S-HIS and NAST-I Retrievals for THORPEX 2003

5.14 William L. Smith Validation of Satellite AIRS Retrievals With Aircraft NAST-I Observations – Implications for Future Satellite Sounding Capabilities
5.15 Eva Borbas Effects of GPS/RO refractivities on IR/MW retrievals
12:45-14:00 Lunch (Plus poster session preparation)

Session 6: Satellite Agency and Status Reports (Chair: Peter Schluessel)

6.1 Alan Lipton Characterization of troposphere and land surface properties from CMIS
6.2 Dong Chaohua
(for Wenjian Zhang)
The sounding instruments on second generation of Chinese national meteorological satellites FY-3
6.3 Devendra Singh
(for R. C. Bhatia)
India Meteorological Department Report
6.4 Alexander Uspensky Scientific Research Center “Planeta” Report
6.5 Dieter Klaes EUMETSAT Plans

15:15-15:45 BREAK

Session 6: Satellite Agency and Status Reports (Chair: Alexander Uspensky)

6.6 Guy Rochard Update about frequency protection: Results from WRC 2003 and SFCG 23… What to do now?
6.7 A. K. Sharma NESDIS ATOVS Operational Sounding Products Processing and Distribution
6.8 Tony Reale NESDIS ATOVS Operational Sounding Products
6.9 Nigel Atkinson Further development of the ATOVS and AVHRR Processing Package (AAPP), including an initial assessment of EARS radiances
6.10 Hal Bloom The National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System: Future U.S. Operational Earth Observation System
17:00-17:30 BREAK

17:30-19:00 Poster Session B

19:00 Group Dinner


Saturday 1 November 2003

Working Groups
9am-11am (or as arranged by chairmen)


Sunday 2 November 2003

Working Groups
9am-11am, 6pm-8pm (or as arranged by chairmen)


Monday 3 November 2003

Session 7: Retrieval of Surface Parameters (Chair: Louis Garand)
7.1 William Smith
(for John Le Marshall)
Preparations for the Geostationary Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
7.2 Xuebao Wu Retrieving Infrared Land Surface Emissivity with AIRS Observations
7.3 Youri Plokhenko Surface effects in hyperspectral infrared measurements from the AIRS instrument of the Aqua satellite

Session 8: Retrieval of Cloud Parameters (Chair: Mike Uddstrom)

8.1 Michael Chalfant Advanced TOVS (ATOVS) Cloud Products Using HIRS/3 and AMSU-A Measurements
8.2 Filomena Romano Cloud Parameters from a Combination of Infrared and Microwave Satellite Measurements (very large download)
8.3 Gaby Rädel Cirrus microphysical properties from TOVS observations

10:00-10:30 BREAK

Session 8: Retrieval of Cloud Parameters (continued)

8.4 Hung-Lung Allen Huang Synergistic Cloud Clearing and Cloud Property Retrieval Using Aqua Sounding and Imaging Infrared Measurements
8.5 Evan Fishbein Characteristics of the Cloudy Atmosphere Observed the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) (very large download)
8.6 Jun Li Synergistic use of high spatial resolution imager and high spectral resolution sounder for atmospheric and cloud retrievals
8.7 Ignacio Galindo Estimates of the dynamics of volcano eruption column using real-time AVHRR

12:00-13:30 Lunch

Session 9: Use of ATOVS for Climate Studies (Chair: Carl Mears)

9.1 Bill Rossow Diagnosing the Global Energy-Water Cycle with Satellite Observations
9.2 Mark McCarthy Climate variability and change of tropical tropospheric humidity as observed by HIRS
9.3 Graeme Kelly Use of radiances data in ERA-40
9.4 Carl Mears Understanding the difference between the UAH and RSS retrievals of satellite-based tropospheric temperature estimates
9.5 Peter Thorne Monitoring Climate Change using Satellites: Lessons from the MSU
9.6 Tony Reale Plans for a Collocated Radiosonde and Satellite Upper Air Network (SUAN)

15:15-15:45 BREAK

Session 10: Future Systems and Processing (Chair: Dong Chaohua)

10.1 Bjorn Lambrigtsen GeoSTAR – A New Approach for a Geostationary Microwave Sounder
10.2 Jeffrey Puschell NPOESS VIIRS sensor design and performance
10.3 Xu Liu Overview of the CrIMSS (CrIS/ATMS) retrieval algorithm
10.4 Thierry Phulpin IASI on Metop: an Advanced Sounder for Operational Meteorology and Climate studies (very large download)
10.5 Peter Schlüssel The Operational IASI Level 2 Processor
10.6 Marc Schwaerz Joint Temperature, Humidity, Ozone, and SST Retrieval from IASI Sensor Data
10.7 Dong Chaohua Dust Storm Monitoring and Quantitative Prediction Experiment with NWP in Northeast Asian
17:30-19:00 BREAK (Working Group Meetings to finish reports)

19:00 Banquet


Tuesday 4 November 2003

Session 10: Future Systems and Processing (Chair: Thierry Phulpin)
10.8 George Aumann
(for Thomas Kampe)
SIRAS-G, The Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder: The potential for high-resolution infrared imaging spectrometry from geosynchronous orbit
10.9 Jun Li
(for Tim Schmit)
Introduction of the Hyperspectral Environmental Suite (HES) on GOES-R and beyond
9:30-9:45 BREAK  
9:45-11:45 Working Group Reports and actions summary
  • Radiative Transfer and Surface Property Modeling
  • ATOVS/TOVS in Climate Studies
  • Advanced Infrared Sounders
  • International Issues and Future Systems
  • Satellite Sounder Science and Products
11:45-12:00 Plans for next meeting and closing remarks Co-Chairs Tom Achtor,
Roger Saunders
12:00-13:00 Lunch  
13:30 Buses depart for Montreal Dorval airport  
~14:30 Buses arrive at Montreal Dorval airport  
Poster Session A: Thursday
A01 Michael Chalfant: Advanced TOVS (ATOVS) Cloud Products Using HIRS/3 and AMSU-A Measurements
A02 Izabela Dyras: Meteorological Products Generation Using Combined Analysis of ATOVS and AVHRR Data
A03 Aarno Korpela: Multi-spectral rain-rate retrieval from AMSU and AVHRR

Ma Gang: A Research of Four-dimension Variational Data Assimilation with ATOVS Clear Data

A05 Nancy Baker: Variational retrievals within the summertime eastern Pacific environment using ATOVS with the COAMPS™ mesoscale forecast system
Part I and Part II
A06 Nancy Baker: The Assimilation of Satellite Observations for the U.S. Navy’s Operational Forecast Models
Part I and Part II
A07 Mitch Goldberg: Long-Term Temperature Time Series Constructed from “Morning” Satellites
A08 Carl A. Mears: Progress towards a climate-quality data set from MSU channel 1
A09 Viju Oommen John: Comparison of AMSU-B Brightness Temperature with Simulated Brightness Temperature using Global Radiosonde Data
A10 Leanne Avila: The ITWG Web Site: Creating a Useful Forum for the Community
A11 Tom Achtor: The International ATOVS Processing Package (IAPP)
A12 Tom Achtor: The International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package (IMAPP)
A13 Hung-Lung Allen Huang: Re-examining the Requirements on Field-Of-View Size for CrIS
A14 Steve Ackerman: MODIS Cloud Mask: Results and Validation
A15 Clemence Pierangelo: Measurements of Stratospheric Volcanic Aerosol Optical Depth from NOAA/TOVS Observations
A16 Clemence Pierangelo: Retrieving dust aerosol optical depth and altitude using AIRS data
A17 Walter Wolf: A Fully Operational Near Real-Time AIRS Processing and Distribution System: Level 2 Products
A18 Lihang Zhou: Application of Principal Component Analysis to Near Real-Time AIRS Channel Monitoring, Data Compression, Noise Filtering, and Atmospheric Retrievals
A19 Pubu Ciren: First Comparison of Radiances Measured by AIRS/Aqua and HIRS/NOAA-17
A20 Pascal Brunel: On the use of Planck-weighted transmittances in RTTOV
A21 Stephen English: A comparison of RTTOVSCATT and ARTS with AMSU-B observations using Met Office mesoscale model short range forecasts of ice water profiles
A22 Stephen English: How good are current emissivity models?
A23 Cyril Crevoisier (for Sylvain Heilliette): Two fast forward radiative transfer models dedicated to the AIRS instrument and comparison to AIRS observations
A24 Roger Saunders: Intercomparison of fast radiative transfer models for AIRS simulations
A25 Youri Plokhenko: Observation of Solar radiation reflected by land surfaces from the GOES-8 sounder IR spectral measurements over continental USA
A26 Albin Gasiewski: Estimation of Coupling Between Mobile Vehicular Radars and Satellite Radiometers
A27 Albin Gasiewski: Geosynchronous Microwave Observation System Simulation
A28 Jeffrey Puschell: Japanese advanced meteorological imager (JAMI): design,characterization and expected on-orbit performance
A29 John Galantowicz: Optimization and evaluation of interpolated ATMS and CMIS data
Poster Session B: Friday
B01 Adam Dybbroe: An operational AVHRR cloud top temperature and height retrieval and its validation
B02 cancelled
B03 Dieter Klaes: The ATOVS and AVHRR Product Processing Facility for EPS
B04 Tony Reale: ATOVS Operational Products and the Satellite Upper Air Network (SUAN)
B05 Tony Reale: WG On SSSP Activities
B06 Ralf Bennartz: Satellite-based Precipitation Analysis in Support of Nowcasting Applications

Peter Thorne: The use of MSU in climate change studies

B08 Per Dahlgren: Ongoing and planned activities in the usage of ATOVS AMSU A/B in the HIRLAM 3DVAR system at SMHI
B09 Jakob Grove-Rasmussen: Use of ATOVS in the DMI-HIRLAM regional weather model

Marion Schroedter: Use of ATOVS data for operational atmospheric correction and surface irradiance calculations

B11 Soumia Serrar: Simultaneous determination of continental surface emissivity and temperature from NOAA-10/HIRS observations: Analysis of their seasonal variations
B12 Michael Pavolonis: A comparison of AVHRR and HIRS Global Cloud Types
B13 Eva Borbas: Comparison of IAPP and ICI Sounding Products at CIMSS
B14 Harold Woolf: Influence of the first guess on mesoscale IAPP retrievals
B15 Nicolas Wagneur: Operational assimilation of GOES water vapor imager channel at MSC
B16 Frédéric Chevallier: Global maps of microwave land surface emissivities for weather forecast
B17 Frédéric Chevallier: RTTOV_SCATT, a fast radiation model that includes scattering at microwave frequencies
B18 Yong Han: An Improved OPTRAN Algorithm
B19 Jean-Luc Moncet: Preliminary validation of the CrIMSS (ATMS/CrIS) retrieval algorithm
B20 Jean-Luc Moncet: Infrared radiative transfer modeling using the Optimal Spectral Sampling (OSS) method
B21 Florence Rabier: Cloud characteristics and channel selection for IASI radiances in the meteorological sensitive areas
B22 Florence Rabier: Application of an objective error variance tuning method to satellite radiances observational errors
B23 Alexander B. Uspensky: Can a statistical regression be a valuable tool for advanced IR-sounders data inversion?
B24 Ralph Dedecker: A System Design for Storing, Archiving, and Retrieving Hyperspectral Data
B25 Thierry Phulpin: Potential use of IASI for volcanic clouds detection and monitoring
B26 Hilary E. Snell: The Infrared Ozone Retrieval Algorithm for NPOESS-OMPS
B27 Guy Rochard: Update about frequency protection: Results from WRC 2003 and SFCG 23… What to do now?
B28 Daniel Zhou: Tropospheric CO Observed with NAST-I: Retrieval Algorithm, First Results, and Validation
B29 Lawrence Larrabee Strow: Observations of dust emission/absorption by AIRS