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February 2002

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Below is the Program for ITSC 12, plus links to many of the presentations and posters.

Wednesday 27 February 2002

Session 1a: TOVS/SSM (Chair: Le Marshall)

ITSC 12 Conference Hotel

Deblonde Comparison of the sounding and imaging capabilities of the SSMIS and AMSU (PPT ~ 6MB) 1a1
Bennartz and Thoss Precipitation classification and analysis from the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) (PPT ~ 500KB) 1a2
Li and Weng Correction of cloud contamination on AMSU measurements: a modeling study (PDF ~ 1MB) 1a3
Reale ATOVS operational science status and plans (PPT ~ 2MB) 1a4

15:20 – 15:50 BREAK

Session 1b: ATOVS/SSM (Chair: Rochard)

Stephens and Engelen CO2 retrievals from IR sounding measurements and its influence on temperature retrievals (PPT ~ 13MB) 1b1
Weng (Fuzhong) Advances in AMSU non-sounding products and microwave forward modeling (PDF ~ 2MB) 1b2

Session 2a: ATOVS and TOVS in NWP (Chair: Chouinard)

Baker The application of observation adjoint sensitivity to satellite assimilation problems (PPT ~ 600KB) 2a1
Chevallier, Bauer and Moreau Potential of the SSM/I rain observations for 4D-Var assimilation (PDF ~ 2MB) 2a2
Derber The use of radiance data in the NCEP global and regional; data assimilation systems 2a3

19:00 – 19:30 Ice-breaker/ pre-dinner drinks
19:30 - Dinner

Thursday 28 February 2002
Session 2b: ATOVS/TOVS in NWP (Chair: Eyre)

English, Jones, Smith, Hilton
and Whyte
ATOVS and SSM/I assimilation at the Met Office (PPT ~ 700KB) 2b1
Kelly, Bauer and Uppala Improved assimilation of AMSU/HIRS/VTPR radiances in the ECMWF system 2b2
Chouinard, Hallι, Charette
and Sarazin
Recent improvements in the use of TOVS satellite radiances in the unified 3D-var system of the Canadian Meteorological Centre (PPT ~ 8MB) 2b3
Gerard, Rabier, Dahoui and
Use of global ATOVS and SSM/I at Meteo-France (PPT ~ 2MB)
Additional Material: PDF (~400KB)
Harris, Bourke, Paevere and
Extending 1Dvar/ GASP to 0.1 hPa and the assimilation of 1C AMSU-A data 2b5
Joiner, Frank, da Silva,
Bosilovich and Radacovich
Assimilation of cloud- and land-affected TOVS/ATOVS level 1b data at DAO (PPT ~ 5MB) 2b6

10:00 – 10:20 BREAK

Session 2c: ATOVS/TOVS in NWP (Chair: Menzel)

Koepken, Kelly and Thepaut Assimilation of geostationary radiances within the 4Dvar system at ECMWF (PDF ~ 1MB) 2c1
Okamoto Recent developments in assimilation of ATOVS at JMA (PPT ~ 500KB) 2c2
Prasad, Paliwal, Das Gupta,
and Rajan
Recent advances in utilization of ATOVS and SSM/I data in the operational global data assimilation of India (PPT ~17MB) 2c3

Session 3a: ATOVS/TOVS in climate studies (Chair: Uddstrom)

Bates Variability in upper tropospheric humidity and water cycle dynamics using TOVS data 3a1
Chedin, Hollingsworth, Scott,
Serrar, Crevoisier and Armante
Annual and seasonal variations of atmospheric CO2, N2O and CO concentrations retrieved from NOAA/TOVS satellite observations 3a2
Menzel and Wylie HIRS observations of a decline in NH winter clouds since 1997 (PPT ~ 900KB)
Additional Material: MS Word (300KB)

12:20 – 14:20 LUNCH

Session 3b: ATOVS/TOVS in climate studies (Chair: Joiner)

Prata, Bates and Jackson A new method for the retrieval of upper troposphere/ lower stratosphere sulfur dioxide from global long-term TOVS measurements (PPT ~ 4MB) 3b1
Goldberg Ensuring consistency between AMSU-A climate temperature retrieval products from NOAA-15 and NOAA-16P (PPT ~ 1MB) 3b2

Session 4a: Preparation for advanced sounders (Chair: Joiner)

Smith, Zhou and Larar Advanced sounder capabilities – airborne demonstration with NAST-I (PPT ~ 7MB) 4a1
Wolf, Goldberg, Zhou, Qu
and Divarkala
A fully operational AIRS processing and distribution system (PPT ~ 500KB) 4a2
Goldberg, McMillin, Wolf,
Zhou, Qu and Divakarla
AIRS radiance and geophysical products: methodology and validation (PPT ~ 1MB) 4a3
Huang Planned hyperspectral imaging and sounding research for Indian Ocean under GIFTS-IOMI project (PPT ~ 16MB) 4a4

16:00 – 16:20 BREAK


  • Radiative transfer and surface property modelling
  • ATOVS/TOVS in climate studies
  • ATOVS/TOVS data in NWP
  • Advanced Infrared Sounders
  • International issues and future systems
  • Satellite sounder science and products

16:50 – 17:30 POSTER INTRODUCTIONS (Chairs: Bates/ Reale)
(Introductions each 1 minute duration and maximum of one viewgraph.)

17:30 – 19:20 POSTERS

19:30 DINNER

Friday 1 March 2002
08:00 – 09:30 AGENCY STATUS REPORTS (Chairs: Le Marshall / Rochard)

  • Relations with other bodies:
  • IRC (Smith, 5 min) (GIF < 100KB)
  • CGMS (Menzel, 5 min) (MS Word version < 100KB)
  • WMO (Hinsman 5 min)
  • GRP (Bates)
  • Reports on issues raised at ITSC - XI
  • Frequency protection (Rochard, 5 min)
  • Re-analysis at NCEP (Derber, 5 min)
  • Re-analysis at ECMWF (Kelly, 5 min)
  • Re-analysis at GSFC (Joiner, 5 min)
  • TOVS Pathfinder (Goldberg, 5 min)
  • Review of actions from ITSC - XI (30 min)
  • Any other items / discussion

Session 4b: Preparation for advanced sounders (Chair: Kleespies)

McNally, Fourrie, Matricardi,
Thepaut and Watts
Progress towards an assimilation strategy for AIRS at ECMWF (PDF ~ 600KB) 4b1
Collard and Saunders Assimilation of AIRS data at the Met Office (PPT ~ 200KB) 4b2

10:10 – 10:30 BREAK

Session 4c: Preparation for advanced sounders (Chair: Hinsman)

Frank, Joiner, Atlas and Stajner Plans for assimilating AQUA data at NASA’s DAO 4c1
Li, Schmidt, Huang and Menzel Studies of advanced baseline sounder for future Geostationary Environmental Operational Satellite (GOES) (PPT ~ 800KB) 4c2
Rabier and Fourriι Channel selection for IASI in clear-sky conditions (PPT ~ 200KB) 4c3
Thepaut and Fourriι Information content and optimal channel selection for AIRS P (PDF ~ 1MB) 4c4
Lavanant CMS cloud processing in IASI context (PPT ~ 1MB) 4c5

12:10 – 14:10 LUNCH

Session 5: Future systems – agency plans (Chair: Lavanant)
5-1: Menzel: NOAA’s plans for satellites: 2001 and beyond (PPT ~ 14MB)
5-2: Smith: NASA’s plans for future sounding systems (15 min.)
5-3: Klaes: EUMETSAT future plans (PPT ~ 40 MB) (PDF version ~ 423 KB)
5-4: Zhang: Considerations on sounding instruments, future Chinese satellites (15 min.)
5-5: Uspensky: Sounding instruments, future Russian meteorological satellites (15 min.)

Session 5a: Future systems (Chair: Lavanant)

Bloom The Cross-track Infrared and Microwave Sounder (CrIMMS): a sensor suite for operational meteorological; remote sensing 5a1
Chauhan NPOESS conical microwave imager/sounder: a next-generation sensor 5a2

15:55 – 16:15 BREAK

Session 5b: Future systems (Chair: Kelly)

Gasiewski The Geosynchronous Microwave (GEM) Sounder/Imager (PDF ~ 2MB) 5b1
Glumb and Predina The Cross-track Infrared Sounder: Sensor design and projected performance (PPT ~ 4MB)
Additional material: MS Word (~6MB)
Phulpin, Cayla, Chalon, Casse,
Diebel and Schluessel
IASI on board METOP: Project status and scientific preparation (PDF ~ 2MB) 5b3

17:00 – 18:35 Presentation on software packages (Chairs: Rochard/ Le Marshall)

Technical subgroup formation
  • AAPP and ICI
  • IAPP
  • 3I/3R

19:30 DINNER
Evening: Working Group and Technical Working Group meetings

Saturday 2 March 2002
Working Group meetings

Sunday 3 March 2002
Working Group Meetings

Session 5c: Future systems (Chair: Goldberg)

Zhang Wenjian FY-3A: progress and direct broadcast characteristics 5c1
Wilczynski (pres. by Bloom) The National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) Preparatory Project (NPP): Mission concept and status. 5c2
Menzel NPP instruments and direct broadcast plans (PPT ~18MB)
Additional material: MS Word (~9MB)
Coronado HRD in situ ground system – Bridging technologies between EOS, NPP and the future (PPT ~ 1MB) 5c4
Sprunger, Archer and Johnson Geostationary sounding: Current and future GOES sounders (PPT ~ 4MB) 5c5

Session 6a: Scientific studies and development: cloud and moisture (Chair: Goldberg)

Prunet and Tournier Variational cloud decontamination and extension to the component estimation of the IASI measurements (PPT ~ 900KB)
Additional material: PPT (~170KB) MS Word (~400KB)

Monday 4 March 2002
Session 6b: Scientific studies and development – cloud and moisture soundings and applications (Chair: Garand)

Romano and Cuomo Retrieval of cloud parameters from the new sensor generation satellite multispectral measurements (PPT ~300KB) 6b1
Stubenrauch, Raedel, Eddounia,
Holz, Scott and Mitchell
Studying cirrus mean effective ice crystal sizes using satellite TIROS-N Operational Vertical Sounder (TOVS) observations (PDF ~ 7MB) 6b2
Garand and Wagneur Assimilation of GOES imager channels at MSC (PPT ~ 9MB) 6b3
Andrews, Oliver, Zheng
and Uddstrom
The impact of data assimilation on a mesoscale model of the New Zealand region (PPT ~ 2MB) 6b4
Joo The usage of ATOVS in Korea Meteorological Administration (PPT ~ 2MB) 6b5
Randriamampianina and Rabier Regional use of locally received ATOVS radiances in NWP (MS Word ~ 900KB) 6b6
Silvestre Espinoza Comparation of error analysis in 3D-Var, for assimilation of radiances and retrievals using NOAA-14 (PPT ~ 500KB) 6b7
Tingwell, Harris and Bourke ATOVS 1D-Var retrieval in the Australian region LAPS data assimilation and prediction system 6b8

10:00 – 10:25 BREAK

Session 6c: Scientific studies and development: soundings and applications (Chair: Zhang Wenjian)

Schyberg, Amstrup, Gustaffson,
Jarvinen, Landelius, Lindskog
Use of ATOVS in HIRLAM 3-D Var 6c1
Bower, Lynch and Knuteson The validation of land surface thermodynamic properties retrieved by atmospheric sounders 6c2
Monnier, Lavanant, Brunel,
Labrot and Rochard
Temperature, humidity and surface emissivity retrieval experiments with IASI simulated data (PDF ~ 700KB) 6c3
Le Marshall et al. GIFTS IOMI–High spectral, temporal and spatial resolution data collection and application 6c4
Plokhenko and Menzel Analysis of NAST-I measurement characteristics 6c5
Glumb, Predina, Lietzke
and Xu Liu
EDR algorithms for the Cross-track Infrared Sounder (PPT ~ 400KB)
Additional material: MS Word (~300KB)
Fourrie Use of advanced infrared sounders in cloudy conditions (PPT ~ 200KB) 6c7

12:05 – 14:05 LUNCH

Session 6d Scientific studies and developments – development, training and data (Chair: Saunders)

Mukabana Towards an alternative technique in upper air monitoring in Kenya (20 minutes) 6d1
Wilson The Virtual Laboratory for Satellite Meteorology: An Opportunity for collaborative education and training (PPT ~ 800KB) 6d2
Overton The National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS): Access to NPOESS data 6d3
Tabor Future data processing at the Information Processing Division (IPD) of the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS) 6d4
Tournier, Blumstein and Cayla IASI Level 0 and 1 processing algorithms description (PPT ~ 300KB)
Additional material: MS Word (~200KB)
Singh, Bhatia, Mukherjee
and Sant Prasad
Validation of atmospheric temperature profiles derived using neural network approach from AMSU-A measurements on board NOAA-15 and NOAA-16 satellites and their applications for tropical cyclone analysis (MS Word ~ 700KB) 6d6
Kaifel and Muller NOAA-ATOVS 23-year total column ozone product retrieved by neural network technique (PDF ~ 8MB) 6d7

15:50 – 16:15 BREAK

Session 6e: Scientific studies and developments – radiative transfer (Chair: Bates)

Armante, Scott, Chedin,
Jacquinet-Husson, Marchand,
Montandon, Aires
Validation processes and results for the inverse and forward models related to IASI/ AMSUs/METOP observations 6e1
Jacquinet-Husson, Scott,
Chedin and Chursin
The GEISA spectroscopic database system revisited for IASI direct radiative transfer modelling (MS Word ~ 5MB) 6e2
Matricardi and Chevallier An improved general fast radiative transfer model for the assimilation of radiance observations (PDF ~ 400KB) 6e3
McMillin, Kleespies and Xiong Rapid transmittance studies at NESDIS 6e4


Tuesday 5 March 2002

Session 6f: Scientific studies: Developments in radiative transfer (Chair: Thepaut)

Sherlock, Collard and Saunders Development and validation of Gastropod, a fast radiative transfer operator for the advanced infrared sounders (PDF ~ 100KB) 6f1
Turner Revisiting the downward emission term of the radiative transfer model (PDF ~ 6MB) 6f2
van Delst Upgraded radiative transfer model status at NCEP/EMC (PPT ~ 1MB) 6f3
Kleespies The merger of OPTRAN and RTTOV: the best of both worlds (PPT ~ 700KB) 6f4

09:15 – 10:00 ITWG PLENARY: Working Group reports

10:00 – 10:25 BREAK

10:25 – 12:15
Working Group reports
Technical subgroup reports
Executive summary
Major recommendations and actions
Other business

12:30 LUNCH
13:00 Assemble for coach departure
13:30 Coach departs for Melbourne
15:30 – 16:00 Coach arrives in central Melbourne


Poster presentations - Thursday, 28 February 2002, 5:30pm

Achtor, Feltz, Woolf and Howell Validation of IAPP retrievals using DOE ARM site observations (PPT ~ 900KB)
Ahn Implementation of ATOVS processing package and its validation in Korea (PPT ~ 1MB)
Additional material: MS Word (< 100KB)
Atkinson and Saunders Moonlight in AMSU (PPT ~ 200KB)
Bauer, Kelly, and Andersson Towards direct assimilation of SSM/I radiances in 4D-Var (PDF ~ 4MB)
Borbas, Achtor, Lavanant, Menzel and Woolf Monitoring and validation of IAPP and ICI products over Madison acquisition area (PDF ~ 300KB)
Borbas, Menzel and Li The effect of GPS radio occultation data on radiometric profile retrievals (PDF ~ 100KB)
Brunel HIRS calibration: Comparison between local AAPP and global NESDIS methods (PDF ~ 600KB)
Carvalho, Lavanant, Ferreira and Ramos Analysis of temperature and moisture profiles over Brazil using the ICI inversion model (PPT ~ 1MB)
Additional material: PDF (~500KB)
Chevallier Sampled databases of 60-level atmospheric profiles from the ECMWF analyses (PDF ~ 500KB)
Chevallier and Janiskova Potential of the ATOVS cloud observations for 4D-Var assimilation (PDF ~ 1MB)
Deblonde and English Stand-alone 1D-Var scheme for the SSMIS, SSM/I and AMSU instruments (PPT ~ 4MB)
Dybbroe, Brunel, Marsouin and Thoss Accurate real-time navigation of AVHRR data at high latitudes (PPT ~ 500KB)
Dyras and Serafin-Rek Precipitation estimation from NOAA/AMSU data (PDF ~ 900KB)
English and Weng Methods for processing cloudy AMSU observations (PPT ~ 700KB)
Gasiewski Interference mitigation in passive microwave radiometry (PDF ~ 2MB)
Gasiewski and Bizzari GOMAS - Geostationary Observatory for Microwave Atmospheric Sounding (PDF ~ 2MB)
Huang Recent progress and addition of International MODIS and AIRS Processing Package (PPT ~ 6MB)
John, Buehler and Mashrab Validation of a new radiative transfer model for AMSU (PDF ~ 200KB)
Jones, Renshaw, Chalcraft, Anderson and English ATOVS assimilation in the Met Office UK mesoscale model (PPT ~ 900KB)
Landelius and Gustafsson AMSU-A background errors in HIRLAM 3-D Var (PDF ~ 9MB)
Li, Yang, Menzel and Huang Application of wavelet analysis on stripping of MODIS multi-spectral band infrared radiance measurements (PPT ~ 5MB)
McNally and Watts A cloud detection approach for AIRS radiance assimilation (PDF ~ 900KB)
Poulin, Lantagne, Dubι, Dutil, Levesque, and Chateauneuf NPOESS CrIS raw data (level 0) to sensor data (level 1b) processing (PPT ~ 5MB)
Predina Use of Apodization to Improve Quality of Radiometric Measurements from Interferometric Sounders (PDF ~ 1MB)
Part 2-PDF (~ 900KB) Part 3-PDF (~ 1MB)
Predina CrIS Sensor: Generation of RDRs and SDRs (PDF ~ 2MB)
Puschell Japanese Advanced Meteorological Imager: A next generation GEO imager for MTSAT-1R (PDF ~ 600KB)
Additional Material: Poster Notes (PDF ~ 400KB)
Rochard Frequency protection (MS Word ~ 300KB)
Sreerekha, Buehler, Emde and John Using a new radiative transfer model to estimate the effect of cirrus clouds on AMSU-B radiances (PDF ~ 300KB)
Wagneur, Chouinard and St James ATOVS in the Canadian regional assimilation system (PPT ~ 10MB)
Wu, Zhang, Lavanant and Brunel The status of AAPP/ICI at NSMC (PPT ~ 200KB)
Additional material: MS Word (~ 200KB)