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ITSC-XIX: Jeju Island, South Korea 26 March - 1 April 2014

We are very pleased to announce that ITSC-19 will be held from 26 March to 1 April 2014 at the Lotte Hotel on Jeju Island in South Korea.

New Working Group Report

Program with Presentations and Posters

First Circular (PDF)

Second Circular (PDF)

Third Circular (PDF) now available.

Lotte Hotel

Accommodations: Deadline has been extended to 1 March 2014




Important Dates

Draft Program   January 2014
Deadline for US$250 registration fee   10 February 2014
Final Program   15 February 2014
Last Day for Hotel Bookings   1 March 2014
Deadline for US$350 registration fee   1 March 2014
ITSC-19 Begins   26 March 2014

Digitized Proceedings for all ITSC Meetings
New Resource: TOVS Conference Proceedings from 1983- Present!
The repository includes full papers as PDFs, abstracts, powerpoint presentations, and the full conference reports.

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Previous ITSC Meetings

Map of ITSC locations

ITSC-XIX Jeju Island, South Korea March 2014
ITSC-XVIII Toulouse, France March 2012
ITSC-XVII Monterey, California, USA April 2010
ITSC-XVI Angra dos Reis, Brazil May 2008
ITSC-XV Maratea, Italy October 2006
ITSC-XIV Beijing, China May 2005
ITSC-XIII Sainte Adele, Canada October 2003
ITSC-XII Lorne, Australia February 2002
ITSC-XI Budapest, Hungary September 2000
ITSC-X Boulder Colorado, USA January 1999
ITSC-IX Igls, Austria February 1997
ITSC-VIII Queenstown, New Zealand April 1995
ITSC-VII Igls, Austria February 1993
ITSC-VI Airlie, Virginia, USA May 1991
ITSC-V Toulouse, France July 1989
ITSC-IV Igls, Austria March 1988
ITSC-III Madison, Wisconsin, USA August 1986
ITSC-II Igls, Austria February 1985
ITSC-I Igls, Austria August 1983

Hardcopy Reports
ITSC X and XI are available from John Le Marshall.
Dr. J. Le Marshall, Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre, GPO 1289K, Melbourne, Vic 3001, Australia.

ITSC-VII and ITSC-VIII are available from Dr. John Eyre.
Dr. J. Eyre, Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB, UK.

Published Technical Proceedings
ITSC XI and ITSC XII are available from Dr John Le Marshall.
Dr. J. Le Marshall, Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre, GPO 1289K, Melbourne, Vic 3001, Australia.