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Co-chairs: Marco Matricardi (ECMWF), Paul van Delst (JCSDA)

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About the working group

This working group was formed at the 11th ITSC meeting in Budapest (2000) to foster the development of radiative transfer and surface property models for satellite radiance assimilation. On this site we maintain up-to-date reference information on

and documentation relating to our working group activities

Working group activities

Recent updates

AIRS RT model intercomparison

-- information for participants and summary of results from the AIRS RT model comparison (printable PDF version)

Surface property models task group

-- results from the survey of Operational Weather Centers on use of surface sensitive ATOVS radiances.

ITSC working group reports

At every ITSC the group meets to discuss developments and issues arising in the areas of interest to the working group, listed above. PDF copies of the resulting reports are provided here:




Comparison of model calculations for the HIRS channel 9 ozone Jacobian.

Dependence of sea surface emissivity on view angle and wavelength at zero windspeed.