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Co-chairs: Louis Garand (MSC), Paul van Delst (JCSDA)

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Atmospheric profile datasets and profile manipulation tools

Atmospheric profile datasets

Model-derived and observation-based datasets

Dataset# profiles# levelsPminvariablesdata sourceContact/download
TIGR v3231140?P,T,q (O3 climatology)radiosondeLMD website
ECMWF 50L13766500.1 hPaP,T,q (O3 climatology)modelECMWF
ECMWF 60L13495600.1 hPaP,T,q,O3 (+cloud/surface)modelEumetsat NWP SAF website
NOAA-88/89~800066,1010.005, 1 hPaP,T,qrocket/radiosondeChris Barnet, NOAA
SeeBor V4.0157051010.005 hPaP,T,q,O3mixedSeeBor website
UMBC491010.005 hPaP,T,q,O3,CO,CH4,N2Oradiosonde/?Scott Hannon, UMBC [download dataset]
Garand42430.1 hPaP,T,q,O3,CO2,CO,CH4,N2Oradiosonde/SAGELouis Garand, MSC [download dataset]
CIMSS Ozone38040?O3ozonesondeHal Woolf, CIMSS
ECMWF trace gas43900.005 hPaCO2,CO,CH4,N2OmixedMarco Matricardi, ECMWF [download data]
MOZART trace gas98304670.005 hPaO3,CO,CH4,N2OmodelXu Liu, NASA
COSPAR396712.54e-05 hPaT,windmixedBADC website

Summary of profile subsets used to date in fast RT model development

Parent dataset# profiles# levelsDerived models/usageContact/download
TIGR v24343,90RTTOV,RTIASI,RTAIRSMarco Matricardi, ECMWF
ECMWF trace gas4390RTIASI,RTAIRSMarco Matricardi, ECMWF [download dataset]
NOAA-883240,42,101PFAAST, ?Hal Woolf, CIMSS
UMBC49101SARTA,AIRS-RTA,GastropodScott Hannon, UMBC [download dataset]
ECMWF 50L11743Model validationEumetsat NWP SAF website
Garand4243Garand RT model intercomparisonLouis Garand, MSC [download dataset]
ECMWF 60L52101AIRS RT model intercomparisonEumetsat NWP SAF website
ECMWF 101L83101RTTOVMarco Matricardi, ECMWF

Observational validation datasets

Refer to the group's validation datasets web page.

Profile manipulation tools

  • f90 code to map profiles from the AIRS 101 pressure levels to arbitrary fast model pressure levels, provided by Roger Saunders for the AIRS RT model intercomparison
  • Documentation and code for vertical interpolation of profiles and associated Jacobians, provided
    by Yves Rochon (English version, French version)
  • Profile utility software tarball containing Fortran95 code and documentation to perform units conversions and level-to-layer conversions on atmospheric quantities. The units conversion and atmospheric properties module contain the forward, as well as tangent-linear and adjoint procedures.