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Working Groups

The Working Groups of the ITWG review recent progress in the areas listed below, make recommendations on key areas of concern and identify items for action

  • Advanced Infrared Sounders
    Planning and recommendations in preparation for future instrumentation
  • Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)
    Operational and research applications of low earth orbit (LEO) sounder data in numerical weather prediction
  • Climate studies
    Studies applying thelong-term climate database of polar sounder data
  • International Issues and Future Systems
    Cooperative actions with the international weather satellite community on issues involving polar remote sensing
  • Radiative transfer and surface property modelling
    Fostering the development of radiative transfer and surface models for sounder applications
  • Products and Software
    Promoting the development and utilization of meteorological techniques and products from operational and research satellites in weather and climate applications

Technical Sub-Groups