The IMAPP project has ended. This website will remain active, but will no longer be updated or maintained.

International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package

  MODIS Web Mapping Service (WMS) Display Package in Support of Polar2Grid GeoTIFF files

22 April 2014

First release of a of software package that enables users to display satellite imagery in a Google Maps or Google Earth interface. It is distributed as a virtual machine (VM) that is capable of displaying MODIS and VIIRS GeoTIFF images created from the IMAPP/CSPP Polar2grid software package in support of Direct Broadcast users. IMAPP RealEarth is a browser-based GeoTIFF imagery viewer powered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center's (SSEC) RealEarth Web Mapping System. IMAPP RealEarth allows users to process imagery generated by their IMAPP installation for display in Google Maps, and share that imagery with users through a web mapping service.

The following define the host system requirements. Please note: Your system will not be able to support the IMAPP RealEarth Virtual Machine (VM) unless it meets all of these requirements:
  • Intel or AMD CPU with 64-bit instruction support,
  • RedHat or CentOS Linux v.6 host server,
  • Root privileges on host server,
  • Hardware virtualization enabled in the host system BIOS.
There is a document included on the IMAPP RealEarth release site that provides a technical description of the steps to configure the host machine and the Virtual Machine. This may help users who would like to try to install this package on a system other than the target computer:

The web interface allows users to select from 47 different preset Aqua and Terra MODIS and/or VIIRS band swath and composite displays. The choice of spectral bands and how they are displayed is configurable. Users can add their own (non Polar2grid) GeoTIFF files if desired. Users also have the capability to share their display with colleagues and friends or export it to Google Earth.

The IMAPP/CSPP Polar2Grid software is a package for reprojecting MODIS Level-1B (L1B) files and VIIRS Science Data Records (SDRs) files into GeoTIFF format. It is freely distributed through this website:

An example of an implementation of the IMAPP RealEarth software centered over the US can be viewed here:

The release documentation includes both an installation and user's guide as well as a more technical document explaining the VM installation script in detail.