The IMAPP project has ended. This website will remain active, but will no longer be updated or maintained.

International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package

 MODIS Level 2 Version 3.1 release     16 March 2015

Updated 30 October 2017 (Patch) Version 3.1.1 release

   This release is an update to the IMAPP MODIS Level 2 software package that transforms Aqua and Terra MODIS Level 1B input files into Level 2 science data products. The previous IMAPP MODIS Level 2 V3.0 package consisted of a nearly complete upgrade of the software including the use of MODIS Collect 6 algorithms for most of the products previously supported in Collect 5. This new V3.1 release includes the MODIS Collect 6 Cloud Optical Properties Software (MOD06OD), including Cloud Optical Thickness and Cloud Effective Radius, and completes the atmosphere suite of NASA baselined Collect 6 IMAPP MODIS Level 2 products.

This IMAPP MODIS Level 2 V3.1.1 Patch includes these updates: This software contains a patch to improve the Terra MODIS retrievals. The patch includes new Terra destriping coefficients and new Cloud Mask thresholds put into place after the Terra Safe-Hold Event that took place in February 2016. The Patch can be unpacked on top of your current IMAPP MODIS Level 2 V3.1 installation.

This IMAPP MODIS Level 2 V3.1 software includes these updates:

  • MODIS Collect 6 Cloud Optical Properties Software (MOD06OD) - including Cloud Optical Thickness and Cloud Effective Radius. These products are part of the MOD06 cloud product HDF4 file.
  • Updated Terra Infrared Band destriping coefficient file. This improves the quality of products that use the infrared bands.
In addition to the MODIS baselined products, other products that can be created using this package include:
  • A polar product suite, consisting of:
    • 1 km Snow Mask
    • 1 km Ice Surface and Surrounding Water Temperatures
    • 1 km Ice Cover and Ice Concentration
    • 1 km Inversion Strength (C) and Inversion Depth (km)
  • IMAPP Sea Surface Temperature.
  • IMAPP Near Infrared Total Column Water Vapor.
  • MODIS Cloud Mask First Byte easy to read product.

The polar product software was developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison cryosphere team headed by Dr. Jeffrey Key, NOAA/ASPB. The set of polar products will be created if the center of the MODIS pass is north of 60 North Latitude or South of 60 South Latitude. The software for these products has not changed since the previous IMAPP MODIS Level 2 V2.2 release.

The package includes installation and execution instructions, as well as source code, pre-compiled statically linked executables and individual product documentation.