The IMAPP project has ended. This website will remain active, but will no longer be updated or maintained.

International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package

 MODIS Level 2 v2.1 release     14 October 2009

   Update to the MODIS Level 2 product software package. Updates include:

  • Execution
    The main run script (modis_level2.csh) has been updated to include optional arguments which can turn off the execution of any MODIS L2 software executable. The user is now also able to define the name of the temporary directory if desired, and use an optional argument to choose to delete the temporary directory upon completion. These changes were provided by Huw Lynch, Western Australia Satellite Technology and Applications Consortium.
  • Cloud Product (MOD06)
    Cloud Optical Properties is now included in the package. This software will create 19 optical property arrays at 1 km resolution, including Cloud_Optical_Thickness and Cloud_Effective_Radius, and place them into the cloud product MOD06 output file. The MOD06OD software was provided by Gala Wind, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
    Cloud Top Properties has been updated to version 5.3.1, the collection 5 MODAPS version. It now requires an eight Day Clear Sky Radiance Bias file as an ancillary data set which is automatically fetched as part of the processing script.
    The software which converts the MOD06 Cloud Top Property binary file to HDF (create_fake_mod06.exe) also creates the Cloud Optical Properties 1 km arrays for the MOD06 output file.
  • Atmospheric Profiles (MOD07)
    The profiles algorithm now includes Retrieved_Ozone_Profile, the moisture profile is now retrieved in units of mixing ratio (g/kg) instead of Dewpoint (C) and coefficient, bias and detector static ancillary files have been updated.