The IMAPP project has ended. This website will remain active, but will no longer be updated or maintained.

International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package

 MODIS Infrared Band Destriping Software Package v1.1 release     16 August 2011

   Software package which removes some of the artificial striping that appears in infrared bands as a result of detector-to-detector variations and mirror side differences.

This algorithm has been shown to have a positive impact on imagery as well as the cloud mask, cloud phase, cloud top property, atmospheric profiles and sea surface temperature products. It has been running operationally at the NASA production site prior to implementation of the MODIS atmosphere team science software since 2005.


Updates were made to the coefficient files and to the main run script. The executables and source code have not changed.

These updates were made in response to the MODIS Collect 6 software update for Level 1B products. Bands with detectors that are inoperable will no longer contain interpolated values in the L1B products, but will be populated with Fill Values. Therefore, the coefficient files have been updated to account for these. The affected bands/detectors are:

  • Aqua Band 36 detector 5 (for reprocessed data starting at the beginning of the mission).
  • Terra Band 29 detector 6 (for reprocessed data starting on 20 September 2006).

An example of the effects of the V1.1 destriping software as executed on two recent L1B files can be seen here.

For more information, please see the destripe/coeff/README.txt file included in the release.