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High-Resolution Interferometer Sounder (HIS)

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ER2 Aircraft

The High-resolution Interferometer Sounder (HIS) is a interferometer which measures emitted thermal radiation at high spectral resolution between 3.3 and 18 microns (specifications).  The measured emitted radiance is used to obtain temperature and water vapor profiles of the Earth's atmosphere.  HIS produces sounding data with 2 kilometer resolution (at nadir) from a nominal altitude of 20 kilometers onboard a NASA ER-2 aircraft.

You can browse a list of the data available for selected HIS field campaigns (e.g. SUCCESS).

HIS data is stored in a legacy '100-word-header' format.

Algorithms using HIS data are being developed to retrieve remotely sensed temperature and water vapor profiles, sea surface skin temperature, land surface temperature and emissivity, cloud top temperature and emissivity, and trace gas total column amounts.


The HIS instrument was developed jointly with Bomem, Inc.  Support for HIS development has been provided by NASA and NOAA.

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