Risk Reduction

The new GOES-R system will expand U.S. geostationary satellite capabilities in support of NOAA programs, both operational and research. In preparation, NOAA has instigated a GOES-R Risk Reduction Plan to assure the viability of GOES-R products, to develop advanced products, and to ensure timely efficient integration of the improvements into NWS, NESDIS, and other NOAA Line Office operations. This plan involves investigating the GOES-R derived meteorological, oceanic, and terrestrial products and their operational utility. The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) at UW-Madison is participating in these activities by conducting research in the following areas.

Algorithm Development

CIMSS is developing algorithms that will be used to produce improved meteorological products from GOES-R. These derived products include the following:

Instrument and Product Demonstration / Validation

Data Processing and Archive System

Data Assimilation