GOES WildFire Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm (WFABBA)

Product Information for Version 6.5

Devlopment and Distribution

The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) in Madison, Wisconsin is distributing these fire products.

Accessing the data

WFABBA fire mask and FRP data is available via the McIDAS-X ADDE server FlASH.SSEC.WISC.EDU under the group name WFABBA.

The WFABBA fire mask is available for GOES-11 (ADDE ID: G11MASK), GOES-12 (ADDE ID: G12MASK) and GOES-13 (ADDE ID: G13MASK).

The FRP is available for GOES-11 (ADDE ID: G11FRP), GOES-12 (ADDE ID: G12FRP), and GOES-13 (ADDE ID: G13FRP).

These products are available half-hourly in the Western Hemisphere or when data is available.

Product Coverage

The WFABBA fire product and FRP are available for the entire satellite sector.

GOES-11: coverage is the western United States with full disk scans extending south to the westernmost countries of South America.

GOES-12: coverage is South America with full disk scans extending north to the United States.

GOES-13: coverage is the United States with full disk scans extending south to South America.

Purpose of this product

The biomass burning product is a cost effective means to monitor fires in real-time as well as cataloging fire events for global climate change research. The WFABBA provides instantaneous estimates of fire size, temperature, confidence of detection and fire location. The Fire Radiative Power product estimates the radiant heat of the detected fires as a means to characterize fuel consumption.

Current product generation

GOES imagery is acquired from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center Data Center, then processed using the WFABBA algorithm. The product output files are written to McIDAS areas and ascii text files.

Product Examples: Current WFABBA Version 6.1 products

WFABBA Product Interpretation: WFABBA Fire Mask Codes (Word Document)

Simplified WF_ABBA fire mask codes v6.5.006 (The word document is a comprehensive list)
Mask CodesDefintition
0Non-Processed region of input/output image
10Processed fire pixel
11Saturated fire pixel
12Cloud contaminated fire pixel
13High probability fire pixel
14Medium probability fire pixel
15Low probability fire pixel
50Satellite zenith angle block-out zone
60Reflectance angle or solar zenith angle block-out zone
100Processed region of image
120Bad input data (3.9 μm or 11.2μm - channel 2 or 4)

FRP Product Interpretation

FRP Product Interpretation
FRP Product BRIT valueFRP Interpretation
50FIre with no FRP calculated
55-255Fires with FRP
FRPs>2550 MW are set to 2550 MW