12-13 March 2003 THORPEX Jet Streak Simulation

Description:  Simulated atmospheric fields were generated using version 3.5 of the MM5 model.  The simulation was initialized at 12 UTC on 11 March 2003 with 1° GFS data and then integrated forward for 48 hours.  The model domain consists of three two-way interactive nested domains with 50 sigma levels and horizontal resolution of 36-km, 12-km, and 4-km, respectively.  Several sensitivity simulations were performed in order to determine the optimal configuration of parameterization schemes that produced the most realistic simulation of this event.  The optimal simulation employed the following parameterizations:
  • Goddard microphysics
  • Eta planetary boundary layer
  • RRTM/Dudhia radiation
  • Grell cumulus scheme on outer two domains with explicit convection (i.e. no cumulus parameterization) on the innermost domain
Simulated atmospheric profiles were generated on the innermost 4-km domain using model output from this optimal simulation.

Current Datasets:  One atmospheric profile dataset was generated for this case.  Atmospheric profiles are stored in both binary and netcdf format for each GIFTS cube (128 x 128 grid points on the 101 AIRS pressure levels).  Data with 4-km horizontal resolution is available every 5 minutes from 21 UTC on 12 March to 04 UTC on 13 March.  This dataset contains 3x3 GIFTS cubes for each output time for a total of 765 cubes.  The total dataset size is 124 Gb.

Simulated Atmospheric Field Images:

Hourly Data

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