24-25 June 2003 Ocean Winds Simulation

Description:  Simulated atmospheric fields were generated using version 2.1 of the WRF model (ARW core).  The simulation was initialized at 00 UTC 24 June 2003 with 1° GFS data and then run for 30 hours on a single 1070 x 1070 grid point domain with 2-km horizontal resolution and 50 vertical sigma levels.  The simulation employed the following parameterizations:
  • WRF single-moment 6-class (WSM6) microphysics
  • Yonsei University (YSU) planetary boundary layer
  • RRTM/Dudhia radiation
  • NOAH land-surface model
  • Explicit convection (i.e. no cumulus parameterization)
Current Datasets:  One dataset has been generated for this case.  The data are stored in IDV-viewable netcdf files with the standard GIFTS cube format (i.e. 128 x 128 grid points on the 101 AIRS pressure levels).

Dataset 1:  Data with 4-km horizontal resolution are available every 30 minutes from 06 UTC on 24 June until 06 UTC on 25 June.  The 4-km data were obtained by coarsening the model-simulated data by a factor of two.  This coarsened dataset contains 4x4 GIFTS cubes for each output time for a total of 784 cubes.  The total dataset size is 64 Gb.

Simulated Atmospheric Field Images:

Dataset 1:  30-Minute Data

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